We’ve Teamed up with Michelin USA!

We’ve Teamed up with Michelin USA!

Justin G10/ 2/18
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That’s right, Wagan Tech and Internationally recognized Michelin Tire Company have come together to bring you Automotive Accessories that focus on premium driving pleasure, high performance, and safety for the road ahead.

This venture began by Michelin seeing the need for innovative mobility products in their automotive accessory segment. Seeing that Wagan Tech’s award-winning products exceeded their needs, and that Wagan Corporation’s mission aligned with Michelin’s, the partnership easily flourished.

Michelin’s focus is on Safety and Mobility; they strive to make your journey safer, comfortable and more convenient. Coincidentally, Wagan’s corporate tagline has been: “Since 1983, Wagan has made your life more comfortable and convenient”. As you can see, our corporate missions are very much alike!

The initial launch products will be the Michelin Multi-Function Portable Power Source XR1 and the Michelin High Visibility LED Road Flare. Both items meet the high standards set upon them by Michelin. Demanding the “best all-around” products made of premium materials with no compromises, Wagan Tech is able to meet those standards with no changes to their product designs.


Where our companies align:

• Synergy – common goals – core values

• Exhaustive testing & rigorous QC

• Best all around - No compromise

• Premium Brands and Products

• High performance

• Safety

• Mobility

• Innovation


 See the Michelin USA Product lineup!

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