Wagan Tech's 14 Liter Cooler-Warmer featured on CBS - (Video)

Wagan Tech's 14 Liter Cooler-Warmer featured on CBS - (Video)

Justin G12/10/15

by Justin Gray

Dr. Frank searches for the latest and greatest tech items on the market and reached out to us regarding our 14 Liter Personal Fridge/Warmer (6214).

He was ecstatic to receive the cooler/warmer and raved about how well the device worked! We also included a Optional AC to DC adapter (9903) that he mentions (but is not seen).

 Wagan Tech's 14 Liter personal fridge/warmer is a great way to keep food and drinks cool while on the road. Need to keep your food warm during transport? The 14 Liter personal fridge/warmer can do that too! The diminutive size of this cooler allows storage for your road trip necessities while only taking up a small footprint in your vehicle.

Please click on the video link below to see the piece and take note how much he raves about it!

Learn more about our 14L Cooler/Warmer by clicking here!

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