The war in Ukraine can teach us valuable lessons about preparedness at home.

The war in Ukraine can teach us valuable lessons about preparedness at home.

Wagan Tech3/29/22

by: Justin G.

Political arguments aside, Russia has invaded Ukraine which has led to a mass evacuation of Ukrainian people; some choosing to stay behind instead of fleeing their homes. While an invasion on US soil in the near future is unlikely, we can still learn some important things from what's happening right now in Ukraine.

Be Prepared

Being prepared for anything should be your top priority especially if you have a family. No matter whether it is from fire, flood, tornado, earthquake, or whatever, there are basic needs or "essentials" that you must have.



No matter who you are or what you're preparing for, there are essentials that you must have: Water, Medicine, and Food being the top of the list.

  • Water - you should have at least 1 gallon per person/per day for drinking and washing.
  • Food - Energy bars with a long shelf-life are great for storing in your emergency kit. I like dehydrated foods as they have a shelf-life of over 30 years!
  • Medicine - Make sure that you have a stock of your necessary meds to get you through a few weeks.
  • First Aid Kit - Make sure that you have a kit, check its contents regularly, and know how to use the contents inside.
  • Flashlight & Batteries - It's good to be able to see in the dark!
  • Fire - always have a few means of making fire; Bic lighter are great for this.
  • Power Options - Since it is a distinct possibility that the power may be out, make sure you have some sort of power source like a generator or our Lithium Cube (the Lithium Cube with a Solar panel gives you unlimited power options!) to power your phone, tablet, computer, and other appliances.
  • Documents - This may seem odd, but you should keep your driver's license, ID, passport, cash, and other critical documents stored in a waterproof container on your person should you need to leave.


    Have a Plan

    If you plan to stay and shelter-in-place, have a plan of what you'll need, what you have, and what you have to do.

    Also, have a plan already in place of what you need to take with you if you do have to leave your shelter.

     gas prices

    Gas Prices

    You have already seen the gas prices skyrocket since the start of the war, there are several things you can do to conserve gas.

    • Walk or Bicycle. Driving your car uses gas; get all of your errands done in one trip.
    • Inflate your tires. Inflating tires allows less rolling resistance = more gas savings
    • Shed some weight. Remove cargo racks, bike carriers, and unnecessary items from your vehicle.
    • If a generator is your back-up for power, consider a solar generator that uses no gas!

    > Read more tips in our blog: How to maximize fuel economy - Fuel-efficient driving techniques save you gas

    Camping Alternative

    Another great way to save gas and have fun is to do a backyard campout! This gives you a chance to keep your camping skills fresh, test your gear, and have some fun while doing it. Plus, your private shower and bathroom are nearby!

    Necessary items:

    • Tent or Tarp for improvised shelter
    • Rope or cordage for ridgeline
    • Sleeping bags or blankets
    • Lighting


    Gear Selection

    Aside from the essentials listed above, there are other items that are the "second-tier" of importance. These include preventative items and items that aren't necessarily needed for immediate life-preservation.

    • Lighting - Lights allow you to see at night or in darkened locations. Our #Camplites are perfect for in-tent or around the home use and on the trail as well. The Wayfinder is the epitome of multi-functional as it features a normal flashlight and a floodlight - both of which are dimmable. All rechargeable Camplite models can be used as a powerbank too!
    • Solar Panel - Use the power of the sun to recharge electronics such as your phone, tablet, portable power supply, car battery, and Camplites too!
    • Portable Power Supply - Can be used to recharge your phone, tablet, and other electronics while powering your laptop, CPAP machine, and other appliances. The best part is that our Lithium Cubes can be recharged by any of the options you have available to you: Solar recharging, AC (wall outlet), DC (car socket), Wind or Water Turbine, and USB-C!
    • Emergency Lighting - Multipurpose illumination that can be used as a signal for help, to mark a location, to alert other motorists of your stranded vehicle, and can be used as a worklight! Our new Diamond LED Flare can fill all of the above roles!
    • Extended Power Options - If you plan on being at a location for any length of time, having a scalable power option is your best bet. The Solar ePower Cube 1500 Lithium gives you a lot of power in one self-contained and portable unit.


    Other Things to Consider

    • Battery Charger - If your vehicle will be sitting for a week or more, it is wise to buy a battery charger. This will prevent your battery from going dead and will also help prevent the battery from aging and will recondition it.
    • Fuel Stabilizer - As a preventative measure like a battery charger, fuel-stabilizer will keep your fuel tank fresh if the gas will be sitting for any lengthened duration.
    • Bags/Packs - If you anticipate on having to leave during or after an emergency, have a plan (as outlined above) and be sure that you have a backpack for each person readily available and stocked with essential items.



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