The Solar Cube 1500 - Everything You Want To Know

The Solar Cube 1500 - Everything You Want To Know

Justin G5/21/188 comments

You’re interested in the Solar e Power Cube 1500 Solar Generator, but had a few questions regarding upgrades, functions, and expandability? You’ve come to the right place!

Wagan Tech-USA

The Solar e Power Cube 1500, an original Wagan Tech design, is THE ONLY all-in-one true Solar Generator in the market. What sets the “Cube” (as we affectionately call it) apart from the other devices in the market?

First and foremost, it is completely self-contained and mobile. No other device in the market is a true all-in-one mobile Solar Generator. Portability, compatibility, and expandable, it’s everything you need right now and into the future.

Wagan Tech-USA
2 Models & The Differences Between Them
The Cube comes in two models; the standard Cube (#2546) and The Cube PLUS (#2547) model.

Green Power

Solar e cube 1500 generator openSolar Cube 1500

Wagan Tech - Solar e Cube 1500 - Solar Generator - openSolar Cube 1500 Plus

Built-in Battery

12V - 55Ah

12V - 100Ah

On-Board Solar Panel Wattage



Max Additional Panels



Max Combined Solar Panel Wattage



Internal Solar Controller



Oversized Rolling Wheels




1500W / 3600W Peak Surge

1500W / 3600W Peak Surge

AC (Wall outlet) Plugs



AC (Wall outlet) Power

115V AC

115V AC

DC (Accessory Socket) Plugs



DC (Accessory Socket) Power

12V - 15A max

12V - 15A max

USB Power Ports

2.1A & 1.0A

2.1A & 1.0A

Telescopic Handle




21 x 21 x 15 (in.)

21 x 21 x 15 (in.)

Weight (Battery Included)

84 lbs.

122 lbs.

Charging (included adapters)


AC & DC 

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One of the most common questions we receive regarding the Cube is “how many solar panels” or “how many batteries” can be added.


On both models, we do not recommend more than 2 additional batteries to be connected; any more than 2 and you may experience charging issues. Ideally you should match the size and chemical type when adding additional batteries. We utilize non-spillable AGM (Absorbed Glass-Mat) Gel hybrid batteries.

Adding Additional Batteries:

To connect additional batteries to either Cube model, simply located the terminals on either side of the collapsible handle. Batteries should be installed in parallel: all Positive (Red) cables are connected together in a single line while all Negative (Black) cables are connected to each-other: at no point should any Positive Cable be attached to any negative part or vice-versa.

Wagan Tech-USA

Solar Panels:

Connected through the ports on the front panel of either cube via “Banana Plugs”, additional solar panels can be added to further reduce recharge times. The Standard Cube can accept up to 150W of panels, this includes the onboard 80W array. You can use a 150W panel, but should not deploy the built in panels as this could damage the Cube. The PLUS model can accept a max of 300W of panels in total.

Wagan Tech-USA
Front Panel Layout
The front panel consists of the following parts: Voltmeter, Inverter Switch, Fault & Power LEDs, Display Button, USB Power Ports x2, 12V DC Sockets x2, Universal AC Outlets x2, and Solar Input Terminals.

This LED Display illuminates with a bright red glow and displays the current remaining voltage of the internal battery.

Inverter Switch
To utilize the power of the internal AC Inverter, this switch must be turned to the "On" position. When switched on, the inverter's cooling fan will become active. If you are not using the AC power receptacles, turn this switch to the "OFF" position to conserve energy.

Fault & Power LEDs
When the Inverter switch is in the "ON" position, the green "Power" LED will illuminate. The red "Fault" LED will illuminate if the Inverter experiences any of the following conditions: Overload, Over-Heat, Short-circuit, or a Low battery.

Display Button
This button is used to activate the Voltmeter. Simply press and hold the display button for 3-5 seconds, and the Voltmeter will illuminate.

USB Power Ports
The Cube features two USB Power Ports on the front panel: the far left one is a 1.0A max port, while the one on the right is a 2.1A max power port. These power ports are live any time the Cube's Master Power Switch is "ON".

12V DC Sockets
There are two 12V DC Sockets on the front panel of the Cube. These sockets are similar to those found in your vehicle and can provide up to 15A of 12V DC power.

Universal AC Outlets
Similar to those found on the wall outlet in your house, our universal AC outlets are 110-120V AC and allow you to use many international style plugs.

110V or 220V
We offer both Cube models in the American standard 110V configuration or the International 220V configuration.

Wagan Tech-USA
The Master Power Switch

To the left of the Cube's front control panel, you'll find the Master Power Switch. This switch controls the connection between the Cube and its battery. In the "ON" position, the Cube is able to be charged and will supply power to the front control panel. When the Switch is in the "OFF" position, the Cube cannot be charged nor will it supply any power to the front control panel. 

Charging Options
There are 4 main ways that the Solar e Power Cube 1500 and 1500 PLUS models can be charged: Solar, AC, DC, and Wind.

Solar Charging
There are two way that the Solar Cube can be charged using Solar panels, both ways must have the Master Power Switch turned to the "ON" position. The first way is to open the on-board solar panels. These panels supply a maximum of 80W to the Cube. The second way to charge the cube via Solar panels is to connect additional panels to the Solar Input Terminal as outlined earlier in this blog.

Wagan Tech-USA

AC Charging
AC (or Wall Outlet) charging can be accomplished by using the provided 5A AC to DC transformer. Simply switch the Cube's Master Power Switch to the "ON" position, plug the AC charger into the wall, and then plug the DC male plug into the DC Socket on the front of the Cube. Charging will automatically stop when the battery is full.

Wagan Tech-USA

DC Charging
The Cube comes with a DC to DC charging cord. This cord can be used to charge the Cube from 12V DC Sockets as found in your vehicle. To charge via 12V DC Power, turn the Master Power Switch to the "ON" position. Plug one end of the DC charger into your vehicle, then the other end into one of the 12V DC sockets on the front of the Cube. You should not leave the Cube charging in this manner for more than 16 hours.

Wind Charging
Customers who live in windy areas may opt to use wind turbines to charge the Cube as long as they output 12-14V DC current. To charge the Cube using a wind turbine, turn the Master Power Switch to the "ON" position and plug in the turbine's positive cable to the red Solar Input Terminal. Next, plug in the turbine's black (negative) cable to the black Solar Input Terminal.


Wagan Tech-USA
Wagan Tech-USA
Solar e Power Cube 1500 - A True Solar Generator

As you can see, the Cube is clearly a well-though out and truly portable Solar Generator. Offering all of the listed accoutrements along with a collapsible handle and large rolling wheels makes the Solar e Power Cube 1500 decidedly in a class of its own. We challenge you to find anything that is remotely comparable to our Cube; at the end of your search you'll find that nothing compares to our Cube in quality, price, power, and convenience.

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Anonymous on 11/ 8/22

Tim, you are correct, adding an additional 100Ah battery will double your run-time.

Tim Mueller on 11/ 8/22

Adding a 12V 1000ha battery to my Solar e power 1500 plus. How does this effect the run time. Is it doubled since the internal battery is the same?

Anonymous on 7/ 8/21

Please make sure that the Master Power Switch is in the “ON” position – otherwise the cube will not charge.
It is normal for the charger and cord to get “hot” as they are passing a lot of current through them. If you’re still having problems, please contact me at, Thanks!

Beverly lamphiear on 7/ 8/21

I can’t get a full charge when I use the wall socket to charge unit. Also adapter cord gets very hot. What’s wrong with system

Donald on 12/10/20

Is it safe to connect devices while wagan is charging via AC wall outlet?

Edgar Esparza on 9/23/20

What’s the price and where are you located John

Anonymous on 9/ 8/20

Yes you can charge the Solar Cube while running appliances.

JC Pandi on 9/ 8/20

Just wondering if it’s okay to connect devices while wagan is in charge mode.

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