Solar LED Floodlight: Waterproof, Wireless, Completely Self Contained.

Solar LED Floodlight: Waterproof, Wireless, Completely Self Contained.

Justin G8/10/16

by Justin Gray

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Solar Floodlights and Solar Area Lighting
Coming out of the shadows and making their bright debut at the 2016 National Hardware Show with great reception, the new Wagan Tech line of self-contained Solar Flood and Area Lights will make your life easier, safer, and worry-free.

Features for all of the Solar Lights
Ideally suited for areas with no electricity or for those living off-the-grid, the Solar Lights provide lighting without wires, buttons, or maintenance. Though each of the three lights are different, they share many features including: IP65 waterproof ratings, maintenance free designs, strong bodies that resist damage and weather, powerful rechargeable lithium batteries, solar panels mounted directly to the light body, efficient and bright Epistar LEDs, easy set-up, and worry-free designs.

1,000 Lumen Solar LED Floodlight (#8572)
The Solar Light line starts with a 1,000 Lumen Floodlight that features 24 LEDs mounted on an optimized reflector that provides 120° of illumination. With an IP65 rating and a tough aluminum casing, the Floodlight easily stands up to whatever nature can throw at it. Both floodlights feature Intelligent Lighting Modes and Passive Infrared Motion Sensors (PIR); to see how they work, read below. Easily providing light for 3 nights on a full charge, this light is perfect for pathways, over a driveway, walkway, on a side yard, or anywhere you need wireless, worry-free, set-it-and-forget-it lighting!

2,000 Lumen Solar LED Floodlight (#8573)
Just like its 1,000 Lumen brother, the 2,000 Lumen Solar LED Floodlight features a completely self-contained and waterproof aluminum body that provides wireless and worry-free lighting. At 2,000 lumens, this floodlight is perfect for illuminating larger areas like stables, large driveways, workshops, yards, and more. Mounting is just as versatile as the light and with the included hardware, can be mounted nearly anywhere!

900 Lumen Solar LED Area Light (#8574)
Our 900 Lumen Solar LED Area Light is great for illuminating a large area that requires a full 360° of illumination. Ideally suited for patios (large or small), parking lots, pathways, trails, fields, the 900 Lumen Solar LED Area Light mounts on a pole (not included) and provides the same brilliant and worry-free lighting that you have come to expect from Wagan Tech’s new Solar Light line.

Which One is Right For Your Needs?
If you need a large path such as a long driveway or road illuminated, the 1,000 or 2,000 Lumen Solar LED Floodlight would be the ideal choice for you. The same is true if you have a large parking area or large enclosed area between a house and barn/shed/etc. Both are easily mounted to a pole, wall, tree, fence, barn, or any other solid surface that is able to accept mounts.

For fields, patios, workshops, sidewalks, path to a building, or anywhere else that you can have a centrally located light that will provide 360° illumination around it, the 900 Lumen Solar LED Area Light is the ideal solution for your needs! 

Intelligent Lighting and the Passive Infrared Sensor

1,000 Lumen Solar LED Floodlight
2,000 Lumen Solar LED Floodlight
900 Lumen Solar LED Floodlight


Initial Intelligent Mode Operation:

 300lm first 5 hours of darkness  600lm first 5 hours of darkness  900lm first 5 hours of darkness


 2nd stage Intelligent Mode Operation:

 150lm remaining until daylight  300lm remaining until daylight  250lm for 7 hours


Intelligent Mode Operation:

   Full 1000lm any time motion is detected        Full 2000lm any time motion is detected     -


About Wagan Corp.
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