Ridesharing Driver Essential Gear (for Uber/Lyft/Gett and other drivers)

Ridesharing Driver Essential Gear (for Uber/Lyft/Gett and other drivers)

Justin G12/10/20

by Justin Gray


Whether you're a seasoned driver or new to the whole ridesharing scene, we have precisely what you need to make your drive more enjoyable and get you those 5 star reviews from your customers!

Rider Comfort and Convenience

You want your rider comfort and ultimately their overall experience to be top notch, right? There's an easy and simple way it to provide them with a luxurious experience without the luxurious cost; Heated Seat Cushions and Coolers for beverages!

Coolers: We've seen more and more rideshare drivers providing water and sodas to their riders. We offer 6, 14, 24, and 46 Quart coolers that are ideal for storing beverages for your riders (ok, maybe not the 46 quart model - it is HUGE!).


Heated Seats: Another trend is providing heated seats! Even if your vehicle is not factory equipped with heated seats, you can simply add them with our seat cushions. Our cushions are simple plug-and-play units that your riders (and you) will love!

For your Peace of Mind

Air Purifier: Our new air purifiers are ideal (almost a necessity) in this current climate. They help sanitize the air while making it fresher! 

Seat Protectors: Want to keep your seats clean? Our Road Ready Seat Protector is machine washable, water resistant, tear resistant, and will keep your seats clean and protected.

Vehicle upkeep and Maintenance

Vacuum: Your car is your business; keep it clean with our easy to use 12V vacuums! We offer several powerful models that will make wet & dry clean-ups a breeze.

Air Compressor: We also manufacture a line of air compressors that ensure your tires stay properly filled; saving you wear and tear and squeezing that dollar for better gas mileage.

Compact Battery Booster: If your car won't start, it's a lost ride; ensure your car starts every time with the iOnBoost TORQUE Series of jump starters. Simply connect and jump - it is that easy!

Battery Chargers: Battery Chargers are another great way to ensure your battery stays at optimal health levels. We have what your vehicle needs to store, maintain, and even restore your battery's health.

A Little Something For You

Why should your riders get all the joy? A heated mug will make certain that your favorite beverage stays hot all day long!


Are you ready to be the best driver you can be?
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