Remote Control for Solar LED Floodlights: Everything You Need to Know About It

Remote Control for Solar LED Floodlights: Everything You Need to Know About It

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by Justin Gray

Do you have this remote? Are you thinking of getting one of our Solar LED Flood lights, but have questions? This blog will answer everything regarding the remote control for our Solar LED Flood Lights.


Does this remote work for all Wagan Tech LED flood lights?
With the exception of the original 8576 Solar LED floodlight, Yes it will work with ALL current models including:

  • Solar LED Floodlight 1000 (item #8576-2)
  • 3000 Lumen Solar LED Floodlight (item #8580)
  • 4000 Lumen Lumen Solar LED Floodlight (item #8581)

*Be sure to Activate the LED Floodlight first prior to attempt programming! (SEE MANUAL)

Will one Remote control all of my lights?
YES! One remote can control all of your Wagan Tech Solar LED Floodlights. This only applies to the lights listed in the table above.

How Do I Know if the Remote is working?
The Solar LED Floodlight has a small red LED light that illuminates each time the Floodlight receives a programming signal from the remote control.

There are 3 Main Operating Modes
The 3 main operating modes are: Motion Detection Mode, Brightness Override Mode, and Timer Mode.


Motion Detection Mode (M1/M2)
M1 - By pressing the “M1” button, the light will stay on at a constant 10% brightness. When the motion sensor detects movement, the light will increase to 100% brightness. 30 seconds after movement ceases, the light will return to the 10% brightness level.

M2 - The "M2" setting functions similar to M1, except the constant on brightness is 30% instead of M1’s 10%. If you just want to get it up and running then M1 & M2 settings are all you’ll need. The light will automatically turn off during the day and come back on at night using the previous night’s setting.


Brightness Override Mode
Brightness Override Mode turns off the motion sensor to provide a constant brightness throughout the night. To use it, press any one of the 4 brightness control buttons. You can choose between 10%, 30%, 60%, or 100% brightness levels.

The light will then remain constantly on at the selected brightness level until dawn or until the battery runs out. Once darkness sets again, the light will resume the previous night’s setting unless the battery ran out – then the default M1 setting will resume.


Timer Mode
Timer mode is used to set a time limit on the Brightness Override Mode.
For example, “T1” or “Timer 1 hour” will place the light at your desired brightness level for one hour – after which it will default back to the Motion detecting M1 mode.

Let’s say that you’re expecting a friend over in the next hour and you want to illuminate your driveway for them. Simply press the desired brightness setting – we’ll choose 60% for our example, and then press the T1 button; the light is now set to remain at 60% brightness for the next hour. After that it will default back to the motion detecting M1 mode.


Timer Mode Part 2
You can set the timer between 5-8 hours by opening the battery compartment and turn the remote switch button into the “On” position. This will change the T1 button from one hour timer to 5 hour timer… think of it as “T5” - 5 hours. “T2” will now be “T6” - 6 hours and so on. To cancel the Timer mode, long press one of the timer buttons for 2 seconds. The indicator LED on the Solar LED floodlight will flash 3 times acknowledging the change.

The Light’s Memory Setting
The light will remember the last button/program pressed and revert to that setting the following night until a new program is set or the battery runs out.
The 3 night runtime is based on operating in M1 motion detection mode. Runtimes will vary when operated in other modes.

ON/OFF Buttons
Pressing the “ON” button will activate the light enabling the default M1 (Motion Sensor) mode. Once on, you may program the light to your desired setting. *Note: Light will not illuminate during daylight hours.
Pressing the “OFF” button turns off the solar LED Floodlight rendering it inoperable until the light is turned on again.

Quick Specs:
• Light Source: Infrared
• Range: 40 feet
• Batteries: 2x AAA
• Controls: ALL Current Solar LED Light Models
• Features Timer Modes
• Features Brightness Modes
• Features Motion Sensing Modes



Still have questions? Contact Us! or call 1.800.231.5806


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