NEW PRODUCT: iOnBoost V8 Air

NEW PRODUCT: iOnBoost V8 Air

Wagan Tech5/31/22

by: Justin G.

Utilizing the same 4S battery technology from our popular iOnBoost TORQUE Series, the all new iOnBoost V8 Air combines a powerful jump starter with a digitally controlled air compressor, USB QC3.0 power port and flashlight.

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Why did we do this?
Many people love our iOnBoost TORQUE Series because, well, it's great. Some have mentioned that they'd love the same reliable iOnBoost TORQUE, but with an air compressor; who are we to let them down? 

This durable little unit holds a digitally controlled air compressor (more on that in a minute), jump starter, USB power bank, and a flashlight! It is intuitively designed to be easy to use and fit under nearly any seat!

Digital Air Compressor
The iOnBoost V8 Air's air compressor can inflate 3 tires on a single charge... why do you have 3 flat tires? Being digitally controlled makes using the unit a breeze; just set your desired pressure and turn the unit on - it will automatically shut itself off once the desired pressure has been reached.

Jump Starter
Just like the iOnBoost V8 TORQUE, the Air model can jump start gas and diesel engines. The jump starter has been tested to work on most V8 gas engines and up to a 3.0L diesel engine.

USB Power Bank
The iOnBoost V8 Air has a USB-C input port for recharging the unit, and a standard USB-A output port with QC3.0 technology for fast and safe charging of your electronics!

While seeming like an unnecessary addition to the casual observer, if you need a flashlight while stranded on the side of the road or in an parking lot at night, you'll be happy that you had this! This light can be used as a regular flashlight, in "flashing" mode to warn other motorists, or in "SOS" mode to beacon for help.

Want to learn more about it?
Take a look at the product page for more detailed info on how the iOnBoost V8 Air can help keep you and your vehicle, Road Ready.
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