Mashable - 5 car accessories to shop on sale

Mashable - 5 car accessories to shop on sale

Justin G6/25/20

The Michelin Multi-Function Portable Power Source XR1 was recently featured as one of the 5 car accessories that you should have right now. The following is the portion regarding the Michelin Multi-Function Portable Power Source XR1:

Mashable: Cars are having a moment right now, because we can't use public transportation or opt for walking outside without worrying about breaking social distancing rules. If you have a car and are thinking about doing a weekend getaway or just taking it out for a spin around your city, you need some accessories for the best experience.

We found a handful of car gadgets on sale from things like dash cams to jump starter kits. Check these out for your next drive.

Michelin XR1 multi-function portable power source

Having your car break down when there's no one around to help sucks. This portable power source is a must-have tool. It has a built-in jump starter and an air pump, so you can jump your car if it dies or inflate your tires if they're low on air. This device also functions as a stereo with AM/FM and Bluetooth connectivity. It's truly an all-in-one type of product. Normally the Michelin XR1 costs $229.95, but it's currently on sale for $161.99.

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June 1, 2020

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