New Product Alert: Companion HT 3.4 (#3305)

New Product Alert: Companion HT 3.4 (#3305)

Wagan Tech3/29/17

by Justin Gray

Wagan Tech is proud to announce the newest arrival to our Companion line of mobile electronics, the Companion HT 3.4 (item #3305)! Featuring two USB power ports and both AC and DC charging adapters in one convenient, square package. I for one have been anxiously awaiting this beautiful little glossy white box of charging convenience.


First thing you'll notice is that this is a compact device and is nearly square when in the stowed position. Both AC and DC charging plugs store neatly into the case in a simple fold-down style. The white color and rounded lines of the Companion HT 3.4 make this an attractive and minimalistic device; perfect for today's modern stylings. With an impressive 3.4A of output power, the Companion HT 3.4 can also feed the power needs of today's modern devices.

Around two months ago, I had a test prototype in my possession to use for R&D purposes. I took it with me on a weekend trip to a lodge in the mountains and found that it quickly charged my Samsung S6 smartphone. I used it to charge my phone while driving in my truck on the way up there, and later that weekend in the lodge restaurant. I accidentally left it in the restaurant only to later realize my mistake and to run, panicked back to the restaurant to retrieve it. Crisis averted!

When in use, there is a CBL (Cool Blue Light) that illuminates to show the Companion HT 3.4 is receiving power. You have your choice of 2 USB power ports to use, either the top port which provides up to 1.0A of power, or the bottom port which provides up to 2.4A and is suitable for today’s power-hungry devices.

When in a vehicle using the 12V DC accessory socket (aka Cigarette Lighter Receptacle), the male DC plug adapter on the Companion HT 3.4 unfolds and pairs with the 12V DC socket with ease. With a rotating head on the DC Plug and a 135 degree rotation, finding the sweet spot to plug in the Companion HT 3.4 is easy.

For use at home with a common AC wall outlet, the AC plug easily unfolds from its storage location on the body of the Companion HT 3.4 and perfectly mates with your AC wall outlet.
When not in use, both the AC and DC plugs retract cleanly and neatly into the body of the Companion HT 3.4 making it a nearly snag free compact gloss-white cube. Simply Beautiful.

Instead of lugging around an AC and DC charger for your phone, tablet, wearable, GPS, etc., you should get a Companion HT 3.4 and solve all of your problems in one shot. I know that I am bias, but it really does make your life easier and more convenient. Go from the car to the house and into your office with one charger for all of your devices. They’re compatible with all modern USB powered electronics including the Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy line, and other devices that are finicky about their power input.

My final conclusion of the Companion HT 3.4 is that you need one!

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