How do SMART Jumper Cables work?

How do SMART Jumper Cables work?

Justin G5/31/18

It is a common question that we see regarding our SMART Jumper cables; people want to know what the lights mean and how they work.

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What do SMART Cables do?
Our SMART Cables allow the user, with little or no experience, safely jump start their vehicle. The cables protect against short-circuit, overload, reverse-polarity, and over-discharging conditions. The clamps attached to the cables are also color-coded to help ensure the correct connection to the battery is made.

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How do they work?
There is a simple two LED light system with audible alarm that the SMART cables use. If no connection is detected, both green and red lights flash alternately. When a low vehicle battery is detected and the correct connection is made, then the green light stays illuminated. If a negative condition is detected (reverse-polarity, battery overcharged, short-circuit, etc.) then the red light will remain illuminated and an audible beep will be heard.

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What if they don’t work?

iOnBoost Slim, older V8 & V8+ models: Our SMART Cables have a built in timer that will expire after 30 seconds have passed. If the lights are a solid red and green, you must unplug the Cables from the iOnBoost device and then re-plug them in.

iOnBoost TORQUE Models: Their SMART Cables will automatically reset in 5 seconds if a fault is detected - once you have disconnected them from the vehicle's battery.

What makes these clamps better than others?
Our SMART clamps are safer. The biggest safety factor that we incorporated into these clamps is that they are not always “live”; meaning that there is no electrical current passing through the clamps when you first plug them in. This ensures that you aren’t dangerously walking around with 300+ Amps in your hands.

Wagan Tech SMART Cabled Lithium Jump Starters:

iOnBoost TORQUE V8
iOnBoost TORQUE V10
iOnBoost SLIM

*Note: for detailed operation of your jump starter and the SMART Cables that came with them, please refer to your instruction manual. If you need a replacement instruction manual, one can be downloaded from the “specs” tab on your product page at

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