A Gasless Solar Generator?

A Gasless Solar Generator?

Wagan Tech6/17/22

Posted by Justin Gray

redhead_jesss Lithium Cube Wagan Tech

Solar Generator

Multi-day adventure or just wanting to be a little more green? Our Lithium Cube series will keep your adventures powered whether on or off the grid with no gas required!

Can be charged with the included AC or DC charger, USB-C, wind or water turbine, or a solar panel. What needs of yours can our Lithium Cube series fill?


Lithium Cube 325 | Lithium Cube 500 | Lithium Cube 1200


Lithium Cube Wagan Tech


Keeping your fridge cool, providing power to your electronics and keeping that instant pot going; these are just some of the thousands of uses the Lithium Cube can provide while enjoying the great outdoors.

Need a CPAP machine to sleep? The Lithium Cube 1200 is the perfect solution for your needs.

It may seem silly to some, but having ice cream on the trail or a piping hot stew can be the icing on the cake after spending the entire day having fun.

Adding a Solar Panel to any of the Lithium Cube models gives you nearly unlimited off-grid power!


lithium cube ebike charging


As eBikes become more prevalent, we're often asked if we have a power solution for in-the-field charging.

Two of the best options are: A Lithium Cube or Power Inverter? Take a look at our blog to find out what options fit your needs!


lithium cube emergency

Lithium Cube 325 | Lithium Cube 500 | Lithium Cube 1200


Hurricane season is preparing to hit the east coast and southern states as we speak.

Be ready for power outages with a portable power source that you can take with you wherever you go.

The perfect addition to any emergency kit: earthquake, tornado, flood, fire season, hurricane, and more!

Are you affected by hurricanes? We have a blog about how to prepare for them


lithium cube at home

Work From Home

Is your morning commute from the bedroom to the kitchen?

Even if that is the case, a Lithium Cube can help keep your day powered by providing remote power for your laptop, gardening tools, and electronics away from the outlet.

Take power with you wherever you go: at a park, the kids sporting events, or just relaxing at the beach... Margaritas by the pool? YES!


Lithium Cube Wagan Tech

At Play

Charging drones, Inflatable SUP, eBikes, tablets, laptops, phone, GPS, rafts, coolers - the list is endless!

The compact size Lithium cube provides big power to keep your toys charged up and ready to play!


Which Cube is right for me?

If you just want to go all in and ensure that you have what you need, the Lithium Cube 1200 is the easiest choice. It offers more AC outlets, more USB Power Ports, and a 100W MPPT Solar controller with Anderson Connectors built right in to the unit; it is our largest and most powerful unit.

Perfect for the bigger jobs or extended use:

  • Jobsite
  • RV/ Van-life
  • Power Outages
  • Off-Grid Living
  • Overland/Camping
  • Emergency

On the other hand, if you're looking for something a little more compact and can sacrifice some of the output that the 1200 offers, the Lithium Cube 500 affords a good balance of power to size. Powering devices up to 500W, you'll find this unit to be as valuable in your daily life as it is on your weekend adventures.

The 500 is the middle-weight choice for:

  • Van conversions
  • Sporting Events
  • Back-up Power
  • DIY/Craft
  • Camping/Overlanding
  • All-around Use

For those who don't need a massive amount of power and want to maintain the most storage space possible, the Lithium Cube 325 excels in that category! Still providing plenty of power in your daily life (perfect for laptops, tool charging, lighting, and more), the 325 is well suited for use at home and on the road.

The 325 is a flexible alternative that is ideal for:

  • DIY
  • Craft Show/Fair
  • Back-Up 
  • Daily-use
  • Camping
  • Emergency

Lithium Cube 325 | Lithium Cube 500 | Lithium Cube 1200

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