Airplane & Car Inverter? Flight Series Empower by Wagan Tech

Airplane & Car Inverter? Flight Series Empower by Wagan Tech

Wagan Tech10/29/15

by Justin Gray

An Inverter.

A straightforward device in its use.

Plug in the inverter, plug in your device, your device gets power. Simple.

How have you survived this long in the technological world without one? I’ll tell you this, once you get one, you’ll be asking yourself that very question!

The inverter is a relatively simple device, it takes your vehicle’s 12 volt DC current and converts it into 110-120 volts AC current just like you find in the wall outlets of your house.

Today’s modern designs are smaller, quieter, and include a USB power port too. The Flight Series by Wagan Tech is compact, slim, quiet, and powerful; best off all, they won’t break the bank! I have been using the simple plug and play inverters for nearly 20 years, and as much as I love them (and still use them from time to time), I find the smaller and “remote” versions better suited for my needs.

All of the Flight Series inverters were designed for business/casual travelers. The DC cord that powers the inverter is modular and is able to be plugged into a car cigarette (accessory) socket of a car and the EmPower style plugs found on airplanes. The idea is that you can use the Flight Series inverter on the aircraft (power your laptop/tablet/phone), and then in the car once you land; it’s a “one inverter fits all” solution. I do not fly often, but when I do it is for a short amount of time; powering devices is not a concern of mine.

I find myself sitting in the cab of my pickup truck more often than I’d care to count. As an avid outdoor enthusiast, I am away from the convenience of AC power on a weekly basis. Powering a laptop, DVD player/TV (for the kids of course), tablet, and other items that would normally be plugged in at home are easily done with an inverter. One great feature of the Flight Series that I treasure is the extra slim design; it stows easily (and unnoticeably) in my glovebox… this thing is tiny (to be specific, I have our Smart AC 150 USB+ model)! Other nice features are the quiet cooling fan and the power cord; I prefer the corded inverters as they give me more “reach” within the confines of the vehicle.

If you take away one thing from this blog, it should be: buy an inverter if you spend time in your car. Even if it is rarely used, you’ll be happy to have it there when you need it. Inverters are universal and can be used for anything from blenders, box fans, TVs, you name it. As a word of caution, be sure to check the wattage requirement prior to purchasing an inverter!

We have discontinued the Flight Series, see all of our Inverters here: Power Inverters

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