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Expedition Portal: "Field Tested – Wagan Tech" featuring our Lithium Cube amongst other products

Justin Gray10/15/21

Original Article: Expedition Portal

We just saw an article posted to Expedition Portal regarding our Lithium Cube, iOnBoost TORQUE V10, and a few other products. Take a look at the truncated version of the blog below!

 / October 14th, 2021

Field Tested – Wagan Tech Graeme Bell / October 14th, 2021Products Pictured (above): • 60W Folding Solar PaneliOnBoost TORQUE V10Lithium Cube 1200Pop-Up USB LanternMichelin High Visibility LED Road Flare

I am not going to lie. Electricity and I are not amigos; we have not reached an understanding. In the past, I have regarded electricity as necessary but fickle, demanding and potentially dangerous, expensive and unreliable – like the ex-wife I have yet to marry. For years we have struggled with onboard power as we travel across the world. We have invested in deep-cycle batteries, flexible solar panels, smart chargers, inverters, and expensive hardware, but satisfaction has been elusive. Those days of frustration have now been relegated to the recycle bin of experience.

Field Tested – Wagan Tech Graeme Bell / October 14th, 2021Meet the Wagan Corporation. Based in Hayward, California, the company has been serving the market for nearly four decades with six international offices, several innovative patents to their name, and a few officially licensed Michelin products. We took delivery of a number of Wagan products at the start of our two-month trek up and across the mighty USA and have been impressed by the practical quality of their gear. As a family living on the road, space is at a premium, and equipment which performs more than one function is not only desirable, it is essential.... read more

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graeme r bell
About the author
Graeme Bell was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. Together with his wife and two children he has spent much of his adult life chasing momentous experiences and campfire smoke across five continents. He has traveled overland to Kilimanjaro from Cape Town, circumnavigated South America, explored from Argentina to Alaska, Europe to Asia, and across the entirety of coastal Western Africa, all in a trusty Land Rover. Graeme and the family are now encouraging their self-built Defender live-in camper (and permanent home since 2012) to find a way from Cape Town to Vladivostok. Graeme is a member of The Explorers Club, the author of five excellent books, and an Overland Journal contributor since 2015.


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