The Right Equipment for Volunteer Firefighters & Police

The Right Equipment for Volunteer Firefighters & Police

Justin G12/ 8/20

First and foremost, we at Wagan would like to Thank You for putting up your time, effort, and risking it all to protect your community; we greatly appreciate your sacrifices!

Keeping that in mind, we manufacturer gear that you can count on - and other Departments already do on the daily! For over 37 years, Wagan Corp has been right here in the San Francisco Bay Area of California supporting our community!

We are the originator of the F.R.E.D. Light; every single one you see on Amazon and other places are copies of our original design! With that said, ours is still the best out there. Run over at highway speeds, submerged under water, and generally abused for years on end, our F.R.E.D. Light can take a beating that the copies simply cannot endure... that is why Police, Fire, and Civil Services WORLD-WIDE count on our safety lights - it's also why you can count on them! DOT Compliant under 49CFR §392.25 & §393.95(g)

Learn how to extend your safety Zone

The big brother to our original F.R.E.D. Light is the Michelin High Visibility LED Road Flare; a device born from feedback by Police Officers and Firefighters who use our devices. Featuring a larger physical size, tool-less battery changes, and less flashing modes, this is the ideal solution for extending your safety zone and controlling incident scenes! DOT Compliant under 49CFR §392.25 & §393.95(g)

Here's why LED Flares are better than Fusee 'Standard' Flares

Being able to see in less-than-ideal conditions (rain, darkness, fog, smoke, etc.) is a reality of working 365 days a year! We offer a full line of handheld spotlights, and other portable lights to help make you seen while being able to see your work. 

pure line inverter fire truck

Something that we pride ourselves for being known for is our tough, reliable, and True Rated Power Inverters. Also used for decades in Police cruisers, Fire Engines, and even Military applications, we cover the power for your gear.

The last suggestion is one that is often overlooked, but is equally important in clearing a scene is our iOnBoost TORQUE lithium jump starter. This device can jump start up to V10 gas engine vehicles and even diesel trucks too! 


As an additional THANK YOU, we offer 15% off with free shipping to Police and Fire (Volunteers Included)* - just shoot us an email and we'll set you up!


*Limitations apply - email for details


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