Elite Inverter vs. Elite PRO Inverter - What's the difference?

Justin Gray11/11/15

by Justin Gray

You've seen our Pure Sine Wave (PSW) "Elite" models for some time, and now see that we have a "PRO" version; since you're here, you want to know what the difference is. Here's your answer:

Elite vs. Elite PRO Models

We took the popular Elite Pure Sine Inverter and made it even better with performance, safety, and mounting upgrades.

  • Better Performance: Output Voltage more consistent; ability to quickly recover from load variation
  • Less Heat build-up: Heat Sinks are centrally located
  • Neutral to Ground Bond
  • DC Terminals separated for safety
  • Reinforced Mounting Points offer more rigidity
  • USB Power Ports: 2.1A each for modern electronics (Tablets/Smartphones, GPS)
  • Temperature Controlled Cooling Fan

Why choose Pure Sine Waves (PSW) over Modified Sine Waves (MSW)?

For today’s sensitive electronics, it makes a huge difference. Pure Sine Waves (PSW) allows these electronics to run cooler (less cycling), cleaner, and with less noise. PSW is the output form that comes from the AC Wall outlet in your house and is the most clean. Additionally, some electronics and appliances simply will not operate on a Modified Sine Wave.

Sample items that will not operate on an MSW are: some laptops, printers, coffee makers, dimmers, digital clocks, fluorescent lights, fans, microwaves, drills… the list goes on. MSWs can also over-heat some devices and potentially lead to the device’s shortened lifespan. If you want clean, smooth, and the most pure sine wave attainable while keeping the noise down, the Wagan Elite™ series of inverters should be your top choice!

 Why choose Wagan Tech Inverters?

Our inverters are built to perform, period. The market is flooded with cheap inverters that will often have a wattage printed on them that will only run for a second or less - this is their "peak surge". Other inverters will claim "continuous wattage", but can really only sustain that wattage load for 20 minutes.

Wagan Tech has coined a term for truth in advertising and performance, we call it "TrueRated" performance. While actual output wattage of competitor’s inverters varies greatly, Wagan Tech inverters help consumers to understand and trust that the number printed on the inverter is the actual output of the device. Simply put, our inverters are tested at full load and will sustain that continuous load for 24 hours at the wattage printed on the inverter.

For example, our Elite 400 Watt Pro Inverter will run for 24 hours straight with a 400 Watt load. Our competitors claim “continuous wattage” when in fact most are only rated at 20 minutes of “continuous” wattage. After 20 minutes, their output wattage will drop down by as much as 25% of their claimed wattage (in a 400 watt inverter, that can be a 100 watt loss!).

In short, TrueRated means that the wattage we print on our inverters is the actual output that you can get from it!


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