Do More with Less - Portable Power Supplies!

Do More with Less - Portable Power Supplies!

Justin G4/11/18

It’s a simple question: Are portable power supplies worth the money?
Answer: Yes they are! (Of course we’d say that, right?) I’ll explain why.
Here’s how to select the right one for your needs, why you need one, and how you can maximize its use and potential.


What is a Portable Power Supply (PPS)?

In the simplest of form, a portable power supply is a battery of some type that allows you to connect electronics; to power them or to recharge them. Most of the PPS that we manufacture supply 12V DC (car cigarette lighter socket) power, USB Power, and an air compressor – some of them also provide 110V AC Power (the power that comes out of your home wall outlet).

Why Do I Need a PPS?

PPS provide you with comfort, convenience, and safety while adding peace of mind. You can keep your phone charged, jump start your car, and air up your tires without having to wait for a tow truck or other road-side assistance. While camping or tail-gating, you can power your electronics and inflate your inflatable toys.

Which PPS is for Me?

This is a relatively simple answer that is based on your power needs.
• Do you need a compact device that fits in your glovebox, can charge your phone, and jump start your car? Our iOnBoost series is perfect for your needs! The iOnBoost Slim is great for vehicles up to V6, the iOnBoost V8+ is for vehicles up to V8, while the iOnBoost V10 will jump start all vehicles up to V10 including trucks and RVs!
• Want the option of having an air compressor handy? Our JumpBoost line is an economical yet powerful selection of PPS that won’t let you down. All models feature a jump starter, air compressor, bright LED worklight, and 12V DC + USB Power Ports!
• How about 110V AC Power? If you need home wall outlet power while you’re away from home, the Power Dome NX2 is ideal. Featuring all of the same amenities as the JumpBoost line, the Power Dome NX2 adds a digital radio and 2 AC outlets! 

XR1 Michelin

The Cost

At first glance the cost of a PPS may be daunting, but look at the value of the product. With an iOnBoost device, you get a jump starter, flashlight, and power supply for your phone/laptop/tablet/ etc. that fits in your pocket! The JumpBoost line adds an air compressor, larger battery, and 12V DC socket; you’re getting 5 tools in one! Add the ability to have AC power wherever you are with an NX2, and now you’re prepared for anything that comes your way! Additionally, calling a tow-truck out to your stranded vehicle will cost between $50-100, not including the hour plus wait you’ll endure.
What’s your time, safety, and security worth to you? I’ll bet that you’d easily pay $100 to not have to wait an hour in a cold, dark parking lot waiting for help to arrive…only to have to pay a tow truck driver the $100 anyhow.

How Do PPS Work?

Some people may be leery of technology or feeling overwhelmed by the features of our PPS models; rest assured we intentionally designed our PPS to be nearly fool-proof and easily used by the most inexperienced person.
Our PPS have extensive safeties built-in with each device function being clearly labeled. Purposely designed with the user in mind, we have a PPS solution that is perfect for you.

Emergency, Camping, Tail-Gating, and More

The brilliant part of PPS are their ability to be used for any occasion. From a simple power outage at home, to the parking lot of a baseball game, or even while camping in the woods, the PPS will find a way to be a vital role in your life. Power a fan on a hot day, charge your electronics at the kid’s soccer game, air up a flat tire, or jump start your neighbor’s car; you have the ability to do this with no experience at all. 

A Personal Note

Within the past 6 months, I have personally jump started 3 stranded motorists vehicles. Not a single one of those occasions would I have liked to be the stranded person; that feeling of lonely helplessness while waiting for someone to assist me is not a good feeling to have! I like knowing that I have the tools to help myself out of a stuck situation; my iOnBoost V8+ gives me that tool.
I also love to go camping and I do so often. I enjoy being in the most remote of places, so I take a Power Dome NX2 PPS along with me knowing that I have the peace of mind that I can air up my tires and be able to jump start my vehicle if my battery goes flat after playing music throughout the weekend.

Peace of Mind

I know that I’ve said the phrase “peace of mind” a lot in this blog, so what is it? I would define it with two simple words: Trust and Security. Security is knowing that you have the tools necessary to complete a task should the need arise. Trust in yourself that you have the ability to jump start a vehicle or air up a flat tire with no previous skill required. Our devices give you and your loved ones peace of mind.

The Wrap Up

If you’ve stuck with me this far along, then I applaud you for your time and willingness to endure this blog! As one of the leading PPS manufacturers, we know what you want because we’ve been there too! All of our PPS solutions have been developed through real-world experience, extensive testing, and from our valued customer’s feedback; something that we love to hear!

If you’ve decided on which PPS is right for you, then find a seller and buy it, you won’t regret it. If you’re still just as confused after reading all of this, have no fear because we have an awesome customer service team made up of real living people who would gladly answer any and all of your product related questions!


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