Corona Virus Pandemic - It's not too late to prepare!

Corona Virus Pandemic - It's not too late to prepare!

Justin G4/ 7/20

by Justin Gray

The Corona Virus and ensuing shut-down of all “non-essential services” nation-wide has left a constant and felt impact for all businesses and consumers. As I sit here, working from home, I think about all of the positive that have come from this pandemic and how people are acting (and reacting) to this current state that we find ourselves in and ways that we can better prepare for the inevitable future events. I also would like you to know that Wagan is still here and ready to serve you!

First off, you’re here reading this blog, thank you!
Whenever we see any catastrophe, be it hurricane, earthquake, or viral outbreak, people always buy the necessary items for daily survival: maybe it’s toilet paper for you, food, water, etc. From Wagan Tech’s perspective, people put importance on power; for them, it it is our power supplies.

Power plays a vital role in our modern society. Sitting around the house, you see lights, a TV and you’re likely holding your phone in your hand right now! Power is important because it means communication for us. We see each-other with lighting, we gather news from the TV, and we text and make calls with our phones. I, for one, ensure that I always have power (and back-ups to that power) with me at all times. No matter the scenario, on the road, at home, or wherever I am, I am prepared.

On the Road
In my vehicle there is always 12V power that comes out of the cigarette lighter/Accessory Socket (as long as my battery is good). If I need to operate a 110V appliance (like those plugged into the wall outlet in your house), I rely on my power inverters. These can power your laptop, a CPAP machine, a ventilator, a TV, charge your smartphone, and power other things in an emergency like your refrigerator, microwave, or a blender for those corona-margaritas. Power Inverters are a simple and affordable way to power your “at-home” appliances from your vehicle and I have 2 of them in mine (one 400 watt Pure Line and a 1500 watt SlimLine for larger appliances).

At Home
Most people feel comfortable at home, and why shouldn’t you? Everything you need is right here; food, water, warmth, and family. But what happens if power is taken away? In these uncertain times, you should have a plan for you and your family.
Our Solar Cube 1500 is a great way to supplement power when there is none. The Cube is able to power most appliances and can charge your phone… all while being re-charged by sunlight alone! Unfortunately as I write this, we are sold out of all Solar Power Cube 1500 models from panic-buyers. Have no fear, as the Solar Case 800 is still available and offers charging via the included solar panels too!
Alternatively, Wagan Tech offers plenty of other power supply options such as the Michelin XR1, the Power Dome PLEX, and several other multi-function power supplies that can even jump start your vehicle (since it has been sitting un-driven through this pandemic)!

Wherever I may Roam
I am not a big fan of carrying “one item for one solution”. I carry a multi-tool with my wherever I go because it offers a knife, pliers, file, saw, and other tools in one compact unit. When it comes to power, I feel the same way that is why I carry an iOnBoost V10 TORQUE with me while I go about my daily routine. The V10 TORQUE can jump start cars & trucks, power my 12V DC items, and recharge my phone many times. The device is basically pocket sized, but is capable of doing many things.

I still don’t get the whole hoarding of toilet paper thing… maybe it is because people believe that the SHTF and they need a way to clean it up? Hoarding is not the answer! People that have hoarded items have created a panic that is completely unnecessary. As of right now, there is plenty for everyone as long as people play nice. Either way, the people that are feeling confident during this are those that have already prepared themselves and their families.
Right now you can take steps to ensure your family’s safety and security in the upcoming months: buy a little extra here and there (DON’T HOARD!), power up with a portable power supply, make sure you have extra batteries and food, rechargeables are ideal (like our #Camplites lighting), and buy some comfort items like games to keep you and your family occupied (my family has been enjoying daily family game nights of “Uno”).

Final Thoughts
It is not too late to prepare. A great resource to see what you can do right now is There you will find kit ideas, pandemic updates, and other resources for you to use. Stay Safe and Stay Sane, this will pass by soon and we will have learned many lessons that we can (hopefully) use to prepare ourselves in the future! Prepare now, it is never too late.

I'd love to here how your family is getting by in this trying time. In the comments, let me know what you have been doing to stay safe and sane!

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