Comparing - iOnBoost V8 vs. iOnBoost V8+

Comparing - iOnBoost V8 vs. iOnBoost V8+

Justin G8/22/16

The original iOnBoost V8 is a spectacular device. How do you make something that is already great even better? We took the original iOnBoost V8, increased the battery from 47.4Wh to 55.5Wh, added an additional USB power port (now there’s two!), split the laptop charging port into two separate power ports (one 12V, the other 19V), and made the new iOnBoost V8+ simpler by eliminating a button (one button controls everything)! The size, shape, and form have all basically remained the same; it’s the small upgrades that make a huge difference!

Your Opinion is of Utmost Importance
We’ve had many people ask for different upgrades to our iOnBoost V8; add an additional USB power Port, simpler jump starting procedure, more intuitive controls…and we’ve listened and changed the iOnBoost V8 to your suit your requests! Just take a look at the new iOnBoost V8+ and you’ll find that it is perfect for your needs!

Adding a USB Power Port
With people simultaneously utilizing multiple USB powered devices and modern electronics insatiable thirst for power, it was only natural to add an additional USB power port to the iOnBoost V8+. Each port is 5V, 2.0A and can power most USB powered/rechargeable devices including smartphones, GPS, wearables, watch, cell phone, tablet, or your USB fan.

Jump Starting Refined
The original iOnBoost V8 did not make jump starting (auto boosting) difficult, but people were confused by the LED light on the original jumper clamp control module. We took those complaints and came up with the SMART Cable; a safer and more intuitive booster cable. The SMART Cable allows you to safely jump start your vehicle with safety protections built right into it: reverse-polarity, anti-sparking, and over-load protections are all in the SMART Cable’s safety control module. The SMART Cable is color coded and has the LED color definition/diagram printed right on the jumper clamp safety control module. No more confusion, no more wondering what the LED means, it is printed directly on the safety control module box.

User Friendly Single Button Control
The world is already complicated enough, why make a device that adds to it? We’ve addressed the multiple button confusion of the original iOnBoost V8, and simplified the controls into a single button.

Button Functions:

• Press once to see battery status (4 illuminated bars each representing 25% increments of remaining power). This also activates the USB power ports and the 19V DC power port.

• At any time you may press and hold the button for 3 second to activate the LED flashlight: Once activated, press once more for strobe mode, and one more time for S.O.S. mode. Simply press once more time to deactivate the flashlight.

» To use the 12V power output port, simply plug in one end of the appropriate supplied cable to the iOnBoost V8+ and the other end to your Laptop or other device… this port is always live and power is automatically supplied to the device.

Size Matters
The original iOnBoost V8 was compact and easily fit in your hand, purse, glovebox, etc. With the addition of the bigger battery and additional USB port, you’d think that the iOnBoost V8+ would be considerably larger… and it is bigger, but only by fractions of an inch!
We wanted to retain the same compact and easy-to-stow profile that made the iOnBoost V8 so popular, and we accomplished that with the new iOnBoost V8+ even though a larger battery was utilized. Every available centimeter was utilized so that no space was wasted; for the customer, that means “more bang for your buck”.

iOnBoost V8+
I love the original iOnBoost V8; it has suited me well for powering my laptop, jump starting friend’s cars (multiple times), and charging my phone while away from traditional AC outlets… I’ve even used the flashlight on multiple occasions! Adding another USB power port and a single button operation will only solidify my love for the iOnBoost V8. Just wait until the first time you need jump start your vehicle, you’ll be glad you own one! If in doubt, power it out with the new and improved iOnBoost V8+!


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