Brand Ambassadors: Our connection to the outdoors

Brand Ambassadors: Our connection to the outdoors

Justin G4/20/17

by Justin Gray

If you've been following us for any length of time, you already know that we've had a great amount of positive product feedback from our customers. We absolutely L♥VE receiving kudos and pictures from people like you; those who use our products and enjoy the outdoors. From those people, we have built relationships and ultimately Brand Ambassadors of our product lines.

Yolo - wagan tech

@theJeepcalledYeti and @theWildYolo 

Of all our brand ambassadors, the most popular are the full-time adventure team of Yeti & Yolo. Sponsored by many and loved by all, Yeti & Yolo live full time on and off the road. They utilize many Wagan Tech products including power inverters, Solar Panels, and #Camplites on their day-to-day adventures. Recently featured on several TV and print articles, keep an eye on these two!


Learn More About Their Amazing Life



Bradley Castañeda @bradleycastaneda 

If you’re a fan of amazing photography, look no further than Bradley Castaneda’s page. Bradley has a wide variety of highly detailed and amazingly colored photos that will infuse your mind with wanderlust.


Learn More About Bradley’s work



Cathy Anderson @cathyandersonphoto 

As a self-proclaimed “Adventure-loving photographer with a big heart, love for all things neon, nature, and Jeep!”, Cathy does not disappoint. She has an exceptional eye for capturing emotion and awe within her portfolio. She truly is an outdoor adventurist and captures it well.


Learn More About Cathy Anderson



Coralee @crawler_chick 

Jeep Lady, all-around BA, and Rebelle Rally competitor: Coralee shows us the best that PNW off-roading has to offer!


Learn More About Crawler_Chick


Venezuelan Connection 

We have an extensive network of Venezuelan enthusiast that live and breathe off-road adventures. We have been amazed at the amount of quality content that our Venezuelan friends have shared. You have got to see how they do off-roading in Venezuela!
(Photo courtesy of @dariotiradodj


Learn More About Our Venezuelan Friends




The folks over @ruggedoverland are veritable pros at camping with style in the forest. Their use of overcast filters mutes the photo while the content offers a euphoric glimpse of custom camping. It’s definitely worth a follow!


Learn More About @ruggedoverland




FJ Cruisers, dirt, roof top tents, and an eclectic mix of everything overland related, @bananasoverland has lots of heart and is a spectacular channel to follow!


Learn More About @bananasoverland


Alex Willis @ericalexanderwillis 

Another one of our favorite Brand Ambassador’s channels is that of Alex Willis. Offering an emotion filled plethora of tastefully somewhat-vintage styled photos, Alex is able to capture a great deal of emotion with each shutter release.


Learn More About Alex’s Content


Tom Reese @itstravels 

Do you like dogs, van life, and an unending sense of adventure? Even if you don’t like those things, live vicariously through Tom on his travels with his beautiful Husky Luffy!


Learn More About Tom’s Travels



This is Who We Are. 

You can probably see a reoccurring theme that resonates throughout all of our friends; one of passion, photography, stewardship, and a general love of the outdoors. This is what Wagan Corp believes in and will continue to wholly support.


Learn More About Us and Our Mission

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