Brand Ambassadors: 2017 and Beyond

Brand Ambassadors: 2017 and Beyond

Justin G8/12/17

Known in the industry as "Brand Ambassadors", we affectionately call these people friends. Representing their own segment of the outdoor lifestyle, they may be different in the way that they enjoy the outdoors, but, like us, they're out there living it. They truly are a part of our family and wholly represent the Wagan Tech and HealthMate® Products Brands.

Bianca Jane @hurricane___jane 

”The Huntress” Bianca Jane is a wonderful person and has a large following on Instagram. Archery, Hunting, Fitness, and Relaxing with her family are her favorite past-times. With a great all-American country girl theme, her page is definitely worth a follow.


Learn More About Bianca Jane @hurricane___jane


Ryan Michelle @ryoutside

A self-proclaimed Outdoors woman and “Mountain Mama”, Ryan is a purveyor of outdoor beauty. Offering a colorful channel filled with landscape, scenery, family, fishing, biking, hiking and more; Ryan’s profile will make you want to get up and go explore the outdoors… and you should.


Learn More About Ryan Michelle @ryoutside


Monica Cerchio @toyotamudmom

Monica has a family-filled channel that balances off-roading and shared experiences. You’ll be surprised and quite impressed with Monica’s rig: an exoskeleton wrapped, lifted, fender-flared, off-road beast of a Toyota Tacoma!


Learn More About Monica Cerchio @toyotamudmom


Joshua Havard @mississippisasquatch

Joshua offers an eclectic mix of his life wrapped in music, overlanding, jeeping, and the ever-elusive Sasquatch. Harder to capture than Sasquatch himself, you’re better off just following Joshua along his life’s adventures!


Learn More About Joshua Havard @mississippisasquatch



Cole Kolasa @ yocolelocole

A Florida native who recently completed a 46 day and nearly 800 mile journey along the Florida coastline, Cole is an avid proponent of marine sustainability along the Gulf Coast. If you like sea-kayaking and beach related activities, Cole’s Channel is worth a stop.


Learn More About Cole Kolasa @ yocolelocole


The Rolling Van @therollingvan

”The Rolling Van” is an invention by Matthew (@mchick16) and Aaron (@aaroniousmacrae) which carries both of them on their cross-country journey. Starting life as an ordinary van, “The Rolling Van” has been transformed into a basecamp that acts as a home on wheels for this duo. Follow their (in-progress) adventures to see some breath-taking landscape, lifestyle, and scenic photos.


Learn More About The Rolling Van @therollingvan



Team 4Runner @team4runneroverland

Taking the new generation of the Toyota 4 Runner and outfitting it with all sorts of camping and off-road gear, Team 4 Runner Overland shares their on and off-the-road adventures on their Instagram channel.


Learn More About team4runneroverland

We’re proud to call these people friends of Wagan. Not only do they accurately represent Wagan’s Company Views and Mission Statement, but they are also a bunch of fun-loving, outdoor people who offer so much more than a few brilliant photographs online.

Interested in becoming a brand ambassador for Wagan Tech? Email links to your social media profiles and a little blurb about yourself to our Marketing Department.

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