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Be Social with Wagan Tech
We really enjoy what we do and our customers love to share their journeys with us. We regularly share those photos, stories, and videos on social media. Whether you're looking for a nice photo, funny story, or informative video, we are posting them all! Check us out on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and more! (Read More)

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NEW PRODUCT: Brite-Nite DUO USB Lantern
Just Landed - Your favorite #Camplite just got better! We added a dimming function, spotlight & floodlight, and multi-mode! Our new light encompasses all of the great features of the original Dome USB Lantern with the addition of a spot flashlight and dimming functions. Featuring a built-in USB charging cable and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the new DUO also has: two folding hanging hooks, powerful embedded magnets, USB output, and non-slip rubber feet. (Read More)

Easily Winterize Your Vehicle - DIY the right way
"Winterizing your vehicle" is about two things: preparing your powersports vehicle for storage and regarding your safety while driving in snow or less-than-ideal road conditions. These are mostly easy "DIY" steps that you can do yourself! (Read More)

NEW PRODUCT: Solar ePower Cube 1500 Lithium
The year was 2012 when Wagan Tech released the first ever true solar generator in the market known as the Solar ePower Cube 1500. "The Cube" (as we affectionately call it) was an instant success and won awards including "Best in Class" during that year's National Hardware Show. The very next year we began working with Sirona Cares by donating Solar Cubes to empower locals with self-sustaining Haitian-run enterprises. (Read More)

Expedition Portal: "Field Tested – Wagan Tech" featuring our Lithium Cube amongst other products
I am not going to lie. Electricity and I are not amigos; we have not reached an understanding. In the past, I have regarded electricity as necessary but fickle, demanding and potentially dangerous, expensive and unreliable – like the ex-wife I have yet to marry. For years we have struggled with onboard power as we travel across the world. We have invested in deep-cycle batteries, flexible solar panels, smart chargers, inverters, and expensive hardware, but satisfaction has been elusive. (Read More) now offers Shop Pay - no fees, no interest payments, 4 installments
We're proud to announce that we have added Shop Pay as a payment option at checkout. If you're wondering what shop pay is or have questions about it, read on! I'll be honest, I have seen these "4 easy payment/installment" options on other websites for a long time and I never ventured to see what they're about. I assumed that they we're some sort of layaway or financed payment option, but I didn't want to pay any additional fees or interest on my purchase, so I left well-enough alone. (Read More)

Rebelle Rally 2021 Live - Updates
Rebelle Rally Field Updates - Updated daily during the 2021 running of the Rebelle Rally (Read More)

Expedition Portal: Field Tested – Wagan Tech
I am not going to lie. Electricity and I are not amigos; we have not reached an understanding. In the past, I have regarded electricity as necessary but fickle, demanding and potentially dangerous, expensive and unreliable – like the ex-wife I have yet to marry. For years we have struggled with onboard power as we travel across the world. We have invested in deep-cycle batteries, flexible solar panels, smart chargers, inverters, and expensive hardware, but satisfaction has been elusive. Those days of frustration have now been relegated to the recycle bin of experience. (Read More)

Overland Expo West 2021 : American Adventurist
For what feels like forever, Overland Expo West has been part of the calendar, like a holiday or some event that is just always in May. It’s just always assumed that it’s going to be there, it’s just a question of which weekend in May. (Read More)

Hurricane on the Horizon - How to Weather the Storm
In this concise blog, I will talk about what you should do to prepare to shelter in place and what you should do to prepare to evacuate a hurricane zone. First things first, prepare now. The longer you wait, the less supplies are available. Stock up on things you'll need including food, water, prescription medicine, pet food (don't forget to include pets in your plan!), power supplies, and other goods. (Read More)

Thunderstorm, Flood, Power Outages & How to Prepare
Thunderstorm already hitting your area - is this blog too late? Nope. Take a look at some tips on how to prepare for a weather-related disasters like thunderstorms and the ensuing threats they pose... and what you can do right now if one has made landfall. (Read More)

Solar Floodlight Comparison - which one fits your needs?
Hopefully you found this blog before being overwhelmed by our selection of Solar Floodlights (SFLs)! I have broken-down our current Solar Floodlight offerings into manageable pieces so that you can easily determine which one(s) are right for your needs. (Read More)

What is the difference between a 12V Fridge and 12V Cooler?
Want to know the differences between an electric fridge and an electric cooler (you know, the ones that plug into your car)? What is a thermo-electric plate? How Do these coolers work? What is a Peltier plate? What are the benefits/drawbacks of these type of coolers? Read on! (Read More)

Rebelle Rally 2021: We're sponsoring Team #106 Wild Grace
We're proud to announce that we will be sponsoring Team Wild Grace during the 2021 running of the Rebelle Rally! This team is made up of two extraordinary people; Sedona Blinson and Lyn Woodward. Both are veteran competitors who have competed in the Rebelle for... (Read More)

Rebelle Rally 2021: We're sponsoring Team MTNSUBI
We're excited to announce that we will be sponsoring Team #204, MTNSUBI! This team is driven by Carey Lando and Navigator Laura Fino. They'll be driving a 2014... (Read More)

We're at it again: Sponsoring the Rebelle Rally 2021
We're proud to announce that we will be sponsoring the Rebelle Rally for the 2021 season! Catch the event live as it streams from Oct. 7 -16, 2021. Since the inception of the Rebelle Rally, we have been huge fans of what it is about and what the event stands for. 8 days of navigating in the field (with only a... (Read More)

NEW PRODUCTS: ComfyGel Cushion Series
Following the success of our popular RelaxFusion line of gel-top memory foam cushions, we've developed a second generation of ultra comfortable and portable cushions that you can take with you anywhere you go - we call them "ComfyGel" cushions. (Read More)

Michelin MLL Products Feature on the TORQUE Show
Recently on The Torque Show, our Michelin 1000 Lumen Rechargeable LED Work Light and our Michelin High Visibility LED Road Flare were featured in a special segment. "The Torque Show presented by MICHELIN is a livestream talk show focused on IMSA sports car racing. Hosted by former IMSA Champions, Tommy Kendall and Justin Bell, The Torque Show brings IMSA racing to life for fans around the world in a lively format that only livestream talk can provide.(Read More)

"Recovering My Neighborhood" - We're helping to revitalize areas of Panama
Wagan Tech is proud to be a part of Panama's Presidential flagship project called, Recuperando Mi Barrio or "Recovering My Neighborhood". This project is aimed at revitalizing areas of Panama and bringing employment to those areas.(Read More)

NEW PRODUCT: Auto Power Vacuum - This Vacuum Sucks!
We just added another powerful and affordable 12V vacuum to our lineup, the "Auto Power Vacuum". This new vacuum is 12 volt DC powered (plugs into your vehicle's 12 volt accessory socket) and features our powerful120 watt motor. With a washable and reusable filter, this stylish vacuum is ready to take on your vehicle's cleaning tasks! (Read More)

We're helping Eco-Tourism in Isla Contoy
Our LatAm (Latin America) office was contacted by the Park Director of Isla Contoy, María del Carmen García Rivas, seeking efficient solar lighting to illuminate common pedestrian areas of the park. The goal was to have a wireless light that provided enough illumination to be effective, but wasn't creating light pollution around the Isla; our lights proved to be perfect as they feature a motion sensor that allows them to illuminate at full brightness when someone is passing by, but reduces light output once motion has ceased.(Read More)

NEW PRODUCTS: Lithium Cube
We just released 3 new lithium powered portable power supply units known as the "Lithium Cube" Series. They are 3 models: the "Lithium Cube 325", "Lithium Cube 500", and the "Lithium Cube 1200"! (Read More)

NEW PRODUCTS: Solar + LED Floodlight 2000 & 3000 ALT
Extending our popular Solar Floodlight category, we're introducing the next generation with our new Adaptive Lighting Technology or "A.L.T." for short. Our A.L.T. program adapts the light output based upon the battery's charge, optimizing the light's run-time of up to 10 nights! (Read More)

Overland Bound Completes Third Trail Guardian Clean Up in the Mojave National Preserve
It was a weekend of hard work, camaraderie and perfect weather in the Mojave National Preserve. With the help and guidance of OB/Trail Guardian Executive Director Kent Reynolds, over 100 Overland Bound members joined together in the Mojave National Preserve to take on three major projects in partnership with the US National Park Service (NPS).(Read More)

Hersch X Build: Raising support to provide clean drinking water
We're proud to announce our involvement in the @theherschx build which is raising awareness and support for @voxwater mission to provide sustainable clean drinking water to people in sub-Saharan Africa. (Read More)

Wagan Tech joins Overland Bound Mojave Cleanup event:
From Thursday through Sunday (11.12.20 - 11.15.20), Wagan participated in the "Mojave National Preserve Facelift/Trail Guardian Event" that was put on by our friends @Overland Bound in conjunction with the National Park Service.(Read More)

We're Sponsoring the Rebelle Rally & Team Waypoint Wanderers!
The Rebelle Rally covers more than 2,000 kilometers of stunning terrain across the Nevada and California desert. It is designed as a hybrid of serious competition and the ultimate road trip. We like to think of it as the total package. (Read More)

Michelin USA hops aboard the help train! Covid Faceshields for #CovidWarriors
The Michelin Lifestyle and Experience team in the USA, along with some family members, spent a day volunteering to make PPE face shields for Michelin licensee, Wagan. Wagan Corporation usually make high visibility LED road flares, work lights and a portable multi-function power source, but due to the Covid-19 crisis decided to take action to help slow the spread of the virus by making PPE face shields.(Read More)

A huge THANK YOU for your help and support! #CovidWarriors face shields
Amidst the chaos, people came out (safely) en masse to pick up the #CovidWarrior kits! Our Wagan Tech family would like to thank each and every person who donated, assembled, distributed, or otherwise helped out this worthy cause for 1st responders and healthcare workers! THANK YOU! (Read More)

We NEED Your Help - PPE for 1st Responders! (Completed)
The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has left many first responders (ex: police, firefighter, doctors, nurses, medical assistants and janitorial staff) in the vulnerable position of providing care and service to their communities at the risk of becoming sick themselves. The nationwide shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) has placed those who rush in to care for us, no questions asked, at great risk. Our first responders, or who we call COVID Warriors, are often left to reusing their set of PPE over multiple shifts. (Read More)

2nd Annual NorCal Toy Drive
What: Mark your calendars for Saturday, December 7, 2019. The 2nd Annual NorCal Toy Drive will be from 10AM to 3PM at Old Kan Beer & Co. (95 Linden St, Oakland, CA 94607). We encourage attendees to bring new and un-wrapped toys.

Why: Toy donations will benefit the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland.(Read More)

Ilumexico: Mexico's government project to help rural communities
Wagan partnered with Ilumexico in order to reach underserved communities in rural Mexico. Through the partnership, we are able to provide a better way of life by electrifying the villages.(Read More)

NEW PRODUCT: iOnBoost TORQUE Jump Starter Series
The iOnBoost TORQUE Series is here! First showcased at the AAPEX Show in late 2019, the long sought after next generation lithium jump starter is finally in our warehouse and ready to ship! Real-World Testing We put our money where our mouth is and completed real-world testing on the TORQUE series; printed numbers can be fudged to make products look good, but real-world testing does not lie!(Read More)

NEW PRODUCT: Brite-Nite Wayfinder LED Light
Brand New for 2019, the Brite-Nite Wayfinder LED Light is being launched just in time for your next adventures. The Wayfinder was created from the best lighting options available with the idea of introducing a light that was compact but could perform in real-world situations. Utilizing customer feedback from our popular #Camplite series, the Wayfinder was born.(Read More)

NEW PRODUCT: Michelin High Visibility LED Road Flare
When you want to be seen, you can depend on the new Michelin High Visibility LED Road Flare (MHVLRF). Ideal for road-side emergencies like: flat tire, disabled vehicle, car-accident, or other on-road incidents; the Michelin High Visibility LED Road Flare will help you be seen and be safe.(Read More)

AAPEX Recap - Scenes from SEMA and our BIG NEWS
The Michelin Man (real name: Bibendum) hung out at our booth to celebrate the unveiling of our BIG NEWS; a partnership formed between Wagan Corp. and Michelin Tire Company! (Read More)

We’ve Teamed up with Michelin USA!
That’s right, Wagan Tech and Internationally recognized Michelin Tire Company have come together to bring you Automotive Accessories that focus on premium driving pleasure, high performance, and safety for the road ahead.(Read More)

F.R.E.D. Light featured in Battlbox Mission 31 (M31)
The @battlbox monthly Mission Box is in your mail box (M31) and our FRED Light was included in each delivery! We had no idea that it was included, but there are going to be a lot of happy #battlbox subscribers out there!(Read More)

Wagan Sponsors Napa Auto Parts Nascar #12 Hector Gonzalez Jr.
HAYWARD, Calif.—(Wagan Corporation)-- Wagan Tech® has partnered with NAPA Auto Parts Mexico (NAPA Racing Partes Mexico) to sponsor the #12 NAPA Auto Partes NASCAR piloted by Hector Gonzalez Jr. Hailing from Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico, Hector is only 32 years old yet already holds a distinguished racing career.(Read More)

New Product Category: Healthmate Products: Because Your Health Matters
Wagan Corporation is proud to announce the launch of our HealthMate line; focusing on Health and Wellness devices for everyone. Included in the HealthMate line are Heated Seat Cushions, Active Heat Back and Knee Wraps, Exercise Machines, Massage Cushions, Heat/Massage Belt, and the RelaxFusion line of memory foam cushions and pads. (Read More)

Solar Streetlights and Solar Flood Lights Series debuted at National Hardware Show
Coming out of the shadows and making their bright debut at the 2016 National Hardware Show with great reception, the new Wagan Tech line of Self-Contained Solar Flood and Area Lights will make your life easier, safer, and worry-free.(Read More)

NEW PRODUCT: Camplite Series
Wagan Tech has developed a series of new Lanterns that will change night time lighting forever. We’re introducing the #CampLites Pop-Up Lanterns and Dome Lanterns in two variations; one takes regular AA or AAA batteries (respectively), the other has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that functions as a powerbank too!(Read More)

Butte Fire: Good rises from the ashes
The Butte Fire began on September 9, 2015 in Amador County of California and spread to the neighboring Calaveras County. As the smoke cleared, 2 residents perished in the fire, 70,868 acres were burned, and a total of 863 Buildings/Structures were destroyed. One of our customers, Susanne F., owns property within this region and some of her belongings were unfortunately lost to this catastrophic event.(Read More)

Wagan Tech - Our Continued Development Process
Wagan Corporation is a leader in developing and manufacturing high-tech products such as power inverters, portable power supplies, solar power units and other consumer electronic accessories. We perform in-house R&D and prototyping to develop products that will make your life more comfortable and convenient. Some of the prototypes that we produce are born from ideas sent to us by our customer’s needs and wants; others are born out of necessity from our creative imaginations. (Read More)

Sirona's 1st Sustainable Business Plan Contest In Haiti
Sirona has worked for years on developing sustainable businesses in Haiti based upon alternative energy. The goal has always been to move from charity to self-sustaining programs that are Haitian-run enterprises. We have successfully worked in both biofuel and solar, and now we are turning our experience into opportunity for small scale entrepreneurs in Leogane, Haiti. (Read More)