"The Inventory" blogs: "Get This Heavy-Duty, Portable Charger for $95 and Never Let Your Devices Die Again"

Justin G3/18/21

We just found this blog posted to "The Inventory" yesterday. This is an un-sponsored and previously unbeknownst to us post!

Giovanni Colantonio
Yesterday 7:34AM

How many times has this happened to you? You go somewhere and your phone dies. Look, I’m not going to write some clever scenario here. This isn’t an infomercial. But realistically, your phone has probably died on you before and you’ve thought “damn, that sucks.”

It’s always good to have a solution when something like that happens. Here’s a possible solution for you: this Wagan Tech portable charger is down to $95 at Best Buy and it’s a heavy-duty one. This 12,000 mAh capacity charger is so powerful, it has enough juice to jump-start up to 7.8L V10 or 6.7L diesel engines (specs edited).

It even has a flashlight in it, so this is especially a perfect device for the great outdoors. Take it camping and never worry about getting stranded with a dead battery again.


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