Recovery Gear: The bare minimum you should be carrying!

Justin G1/21/21

This list is not only for the hard-core wheeler, but for those that prefer to explore the roads-less-traveled. These are my top things that you should always...

Ridesharing Driver Essential Gear (for Uber/Lyft/Gett and other drivers)

Justin G12/10/20

Whether you're a seasoned driver or new to the whole ridesharing scene, we have precisely what you need to make your drive more enjoyable and get you those 5 star reviews from your customers!

The Right Equipment for Volunteer Firefighters & Police

Justin G12/ 8/20

First and foremost, we at Wagan would like to Thank You for putting up your time, effort, and risking it all to protect your community; we greatly appreciate your sacrifices!

Extend Your Safety Zone - Using LED Road Flares

Justin G12/ 7/20

Nobody wants to find themselves broken down on the road; the feeling of helplessness as other vehicles speedily rush by you - what could be worse?...transforming a simple vehicle breakdown turning into a crash scene...

[Update] Wagan Tech joins Overland Bound Mojave Cleanup event

Justin G11/16/20

From this past Friday through Sunday, Wagan participated in the Mojave National Preserve Facelift/Trail Guardian Event that was put on by our friends @ Overland Bound.