Visor Mount Heater/Defroster


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36 Years

For all those times you needed to sit and wait for your windshield to defrost, now you can speed that up with our DC powered portable heater.

For those cold days
Decrease the window defrosting/defogging time while increasing the safety of your drive with our Visor Mounted Heater/Defroster.

Decreasing wait time
When you turn on your vehicle’s defroster, the heat starts from the dashboard and works its way up the windshield. Adding our Visor Mounted Heater/Defroster eliminates that gap and compliments your vehicle’s defroster by starting from the top of the windshield and working its way down. This speeds up the efficiency and decreases the wait time you must endure before you are able to drive.


Often, people drive much too soon; well before the windshield is fully cleared of frost or fog. This creates a dangerous situation for yourself as well as the other motorists on the road. Increase your safety as well as your visibility by using the Visor Mounted Heater/Defroster to clear the windshield so that you may leave safely in less time.

Though it may be small, it is big on performance! The Visor Mounted Heater/Defroster takes up little space (unit can fit in the glove box, center console, under the seat, etc.), but has a big output motor that heats up fast and quickly defrosts/defogs your windshield.

Quick List of Features

    • Powerful heater for defrosting and defogging windows
    • Simply plug into your vehicle 12V socket and experience warmth and comfort immediately
    • Visor clip for placing the heater at the top of the windshield where the car's defroster normally reaches last
    • Small size, easily stowable
    • Decreases wait time
    • DC plug makes operation simple