Twin USB Sockets Cupholder Adapter

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Keep your center console safe for driving with an adapter that fits in your cupholder! Powers 2 DC, 2 USB, and has vehicle battery indicator.

Twin USB Sockets Cupholder Adapter
Perfecting travel in your vehicle, the Twin USB Sockets Cupholder Adapter allows you to free up that tangled mess from the dash and move it to a safer and more accessible location at your cupholders. Offering two 12V DC accessory sockets, two USB power ports, and a battery/charging system tester, the Twin USB Sockets Cupholder Adapter is an essential travel item for your power hungry devices.

Conveniently placed on the top of the device, you will find two illuminated 12V DC sockets, the battery/charging system status LEDs, and 2 USB power ports. The 12V DC sockets are illuminated with CBL technology (Cool Blue Light!) that aids in finding the sockets at night (plus they emit an eye pleasing soft blue glow).

The USB power ports can provide 2.1A of power (shared) and are able to charge nearly all of your smartphones, tablets, cell phones, GPS, wearables, and USB powered devices. The Cup shape of the Twin USB Sockets Cupholder Adapter allows it to fit nicely in your unused Cupholder and ensures that your device’s power supply is easily accessible and always at hand.

Battery Analysis/Charging System Feature

When plugged into the DC power outlet of your vehicle, the Twin USB Sockets Cupholder Adapter automatically reads the input power and displays your vehicle's Battery or Charging System status on its LED display.

Battery Check
(Check after engine has been off for 10 minutes)
Plug the Twin USB Sockets Cupholder Adapter.

  • High: Battery is Great
  • Mid: Battery is Good
  • 12V: Battery is Weak
  • Low: Battery is fully Discharged
  • No Lights: No Voltage Detected
Charging System Check
(Check with engine running at operating temperature)
Plug the Twin USB Sockets Cupholder Adapter.
  • High: Charging System Great
  • Mid: Charging System Good
  • 12V: Charging System possibly abnormal
  • Low: Charging System possibly abnormal
  • No Lights: No Voltage Detected

Where to Use
The Twin USB Sockets Cupholder Adapter can be used in your: Car, Truck, SUV, tractor-trailer, RV, camper, Power Dome Power Supply, Boat, or anywhere there is a 12V DC socket available. Even though the name implies as much, the Twin USB Sockets Cupholder Adapter does not have to be used in a cupholder; it can easily free-stand on any flat surface like a table or center console.

The Why
With portable electronics becoming increasingly popular and power hungry, families are forced to share the available charging sockets in the car. With most vehicles only having a maximum of two front DC sockets, this leaves some people with dead devices while others jockey for a position in line to use the DC socket when it becomes available.

Wagan Tech's Twin USB Sockets Cupholder Adapter solves this problem by taking the space of only one DC socket and offering 2 USB ports and two additional DC socket. You lose no space, but gain everything. The question posed to you now is, "Why wouldn't you own the power, convenience and portability of a Twin USB Sockets Cupholder Adapter?"

Quick List of Features

  • 2-UBS ports (2.1A shared)
  • Maintains your original 12V DC power option (10A overload shut-off)
  • Modern design and styling
  • Fits into cup holder (cup shaped)
  • 38” power cord with 10A fused protection (replaceable fuse)
  • Can charge Ipads, Iphones, Android, laptops, wearables, GPS, and other electronic devices


Prop 65 Warning Text - Wagan Tech - CaliforniaWARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including DEHP, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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