Solar Powered Torpedo Lantern


SKU: EL8532

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36 Years


  • 360° illumination of 36 LEDs with dimmer dial switch

  • 8 hours of run time on high

  • Built-in USB power port is compatible with tablets/e-readers, smartphones, and many other gadgets so you can keep your mobile devices charged as well

  • Over-discharge protection will automatically shut the unit down when the battery level drops too low. This will prolong the life of the internal battery and prevent it from losing efficiency

  • Rechargeable through natural and renewable solar energy or through the home wall outlet (both solar panel and AC charging adapters are included)

  • Overcharge protection

  • Swing handle for hands-free operation

  • Two additional side handles allows you to comfortably hold you light up high or in any orientation you need

This sleek, modern lantern brings you efficiency with its dimmer dial control and rechargeable capability through natural solar energy.

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