Solar e Panel™ 6


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Our 35% more efficient 6W solar panel can charge your tablet and smartphone on overcast or cloudy days. Smart-charge USB port and Auto-restart for Apple® products.

The Sun is bright and so are you! Harness the Sun's power to charge your devices whether you are in the city or outdoors!

Be mobile, be portable, and be charged with Wagan Tech!

Solar e Panel™ 6 Solar e Panel 6W

Wagan Tech's High efficiency, portable, and lightweight Solar e Panel 6w offer rugged and reliable power for people on the go. The Sun Power® panels are high efficiency and offer 35% more efficiency over conventional solar cells with added durability and a more flexible design. The case is self-contained and a rugged lightweight folding design which allows the unit to store accessories within the onboard pocket. Everything is contained in a tidy and organized pocket! Automatic restart through built-in smart chip eliminates delays caused by error messages and makes this device capable of charging Apple ® and Samsung ® devices.

Any person who ventures into the outdoors knows how much electricity it requires to feed our energy hungry electronic devices. Whether you are at the beach, soccer game, BBQ, airport, park, hiking, camping, or just relaxing outside, electrical outlets can be hard to find or non-existent. The Solar e Panel 6w is the answer! Charge your phone, tablet, GPS, radio, Two-way (FRS) radios, car battery, or virtually any device that needs 5v /USB power*.
Solar e Panel™ 6

Solar e Panel™ 6 Think outside of the box
Sure the Solar e Panel 6w can charge batteries in devices, but it can also power devices that do not have an internal battery to be charged. Small USB and DC devices such as portable fans, water pumps/fountain pumps (for swamp coolers or water filtration), lights, portable speakers, mp3 player, AA/AAA Battery chargers, power hubs, etc. The imagination is the limit!

Designed with you in mind
The design of the Solar e Panel 6w is made with our users in mind. The rugged nylon exterior resists abrasions and features heavy duty stitching. The top hanging loop allows you to hang the panel virtually anywhere it is needed; on a backpack, a tree, tent poles, beach/camping chair, guy-wire (tension cable), laundry line, hammock, etc. The case also features a built in stand so the panels can optimally face into the sun. The panels are flexible and will not break when flexed; no need to worry when hiking with the Solar e Panel 6w mounted to a backpack!
Solar e Panel™ 6

Solar e Panel™ 6 Solar Story
Many of us believe that solar power is old technology; the weak monocrystalline solar panel that we used in a science project as a child to power the tiny pinwheel. Today, the solar panel is high efficiency and coming into its own. We are seeing Solar powered vehicles, Solar arrays that are powering entire companies, and Solar homes that actually sell power back to the power companies! With so many “Green Initiatives” and the desire to reduce our carbon footprint, Solar power is no longer relegated to school science projects of yesteryear, they are paving the way in to our future!

High Efficiency Solar Panel Features
The high efficiency Sun Power® solar panels convert approximately 26% of the sunlight collected into electricity; conventional solar panels only collect around 19%. An additional benefit of high efficiency Sun Power® panels is that they perform better than conventional cells when the available sunlight is not as strong (overcast days, at dawn or dusk) and they absorb more light at a broader range of wavelengths. They are better performing in all aspects!
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Quick List of Features

  • High efficiency Sun Power® solar cells

  • 6 watts of power at full sun

  • Portable, lightweight, and compact design

  • User-friendly, easy to set up and use

  • Flexible solar panels and case has a rugged exterior

  • Built-in stand and hanging loop for ease of deployment

  • Includes: Manual, USB to micro-USB cable

  • Voltage: 5v

  • USB Output: 1.0a

*See specifications for exact output ranges for each charging application.

User Submitted Videos of the e panel 6W's "Big Brother", the e panel 18W :