Solar e Link™ Glide


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Back up power for your tablet or phone. Recharge with built-in solar panel or micro-USB.

Solar e Link™ Glide

Solar e Link Glide
Compact, Expandable, Powerful, and highly versatile are the hallmarks of the Solar e Link Glide. With a Solar Panel on the top and a 5000mAh Lithium Polymer battery built-in, you need nothing more than the sun to charge the Solar e Link Glide. This is a great addition to your emergency kit, camping, hiking, or outdoor gear! Solar e Link™ Glide

How it Works
The Solar e Link Glide can be charged with the included USB to micro-USB cable from your computer or charging adapter, or can be recharged via the sun with the on-board solar panel. Sliding the solar panel up exposes the 4 LED status lights, the dock, and the multi-function power button. To charge your device, simply plug it in to the USB port on the bottom of the Solar e Link Glide and hold the multi-function power button for 3 seconds; the lights will begin to flash and your device will begin to charge. To stop charging, simply press the multi-function power button for 3 seconds and the lights will turn off.

Solar e Link™ Glide

LED Light built-in
There is a single white LED light built-in to the bottom of the Solar e Link Glide between the micro-USB and USB ports. To turn the LED on, simply slide the solar panel up exposing the multi-function power button. Depress the multi-function power button once to turn on the Solar e Link Glide’s battery status lights, press again for steady LED light, press a third time for flashing mode, and once more for S.O.S. mode. To turn off the LED, press the button for a fifth time.

Battery and Charging
The Solar e Link Glide has a massive 5000mAh Li-Po battery built in and can output 2.1A at 5V! The 5000mAh battery has the potential to recharge some smartphone batteries almost 3.5 times (iPhone 5 battery=1440mAh), while others about 2x (Samsung S6 battery=2550mAh). The Solar e Link Glide can charge wearables, GPS, some radios, fans, and other USB powered/rechargeable devices.

Solar e Link™ Glide

What is Included
With your purchase of the Solar e Link Glide, you will receive the Solar e Link Glide unit, a micro-USB to USB charging cable, Instruction manual, Rubber anti-slip mat, and the Expansion Solar panel link; all packed nicely in a beautiful color box.

Dock and Expandable Features
With the addition of a dock, the Solar e Link Glide makes it easy for you to enjoy using your phone as it charges. The dock makes it easy for you to keep your phone or tablet propped upright for the best viewing angle while using it outdoors.
The included Solar Panel expansion link allows you to connect additional Solar Panels (sold separately) to the Solar e Link Glide, allowing faster solar recharge times.

Solar e Link™ Glide Solar e Link™ Glide

Quick List of Features

  • Cell Type: Monocrystalline

  • USB Output: 2.1A

  • Battery Capacity: 5000 mAh

  • Solar panel: 320 mA Max (LUX40000)

  • USB Output: DC 5V ±5%, 2.1A

  • Built-in LED Light

  • Dimensions: 3.2 x 5.6 x 0.9 (inches)

Expansion Solar Panels located here: SOLAR E LINK™ EXTENSION