Smart AC® 120W USB (MSW)


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A 4-in-1 inverter with FM transmitter for your music. Use your GPS, charge your phone, and play personally selected music at the same time!

Smart AC® 120W USB with FM Transmitter
Wagan Tech’s Smart AC 120W USB with FM Transmitter is the perfect solution to your on-the-road power and audio needs! Easily converting DC (vehicle cigarette lighter receptacle) power into AC (home wall outlet) power, the Smart AC 120 USB is a simple plug and play device that will allow you to use your “home” electronics on the road while listening to them through your stereo! With a DC Socket, AC Outlet, 120W Inverter, USB Power Port, and Digital FM Transmitter, you simply cannot go wrong!
Smart AC® 120W USB

Smart AC® 120W USB What can it Power?
The Smart AC 120W USB was designed to be an all-in-one unit; a DC Socket, USB, and 120V AC outlet are all included! With a built-in inverter capable of running 100 watts continuously, the Smart AC 120W USB easily powers most laptops, GPS, small radios, DVD players, small TVs, Walkie talkie’s, and more. With the on-board DC socket, you will not lose access to the outlet that the Smart AC 120W USB is occupying.

FM Transmitter
Using the FM Transmitter on the Smart AC 120W USB is simple and enjoyable. Simply plug in the included 3.5mm audio jack into your device (phone, mp3 player, DVD player, CD player, etc.) and connect the other end of the audio jack into the Smart AC 120W USB’s 3.5mm audio in port (yellow circle). Find a station on your radio that is not in use and then tune the digital display on the Smart AC 120W USB to the same radio station. Once a signal is identified, the Smart AC 120W USB will automatically begin to transmit sound over your vehicle’s stereo system. This can be used to transmit to any stereo within a 10 foot radius.
Smart AC® 120W USB

Smart AC® 120W USB Compact and Powerful
Easily placed in the glovebox or center console when not in use, the Smart AC 120W USB is compact enough to be stored in most places. The heart of the Smart AC 120W USB is its inverter that belts out a whopping 100 watts continuously with a peak surge of 240 watts. With the addition of the USB Power Port, the Smart AC 120W USB can power nearly all of your AC, DC and USB Powered Devices!

Smart AC® 120W USB Smart AC® 120W USB Quick List of Features

  • FM Transmitter

  • 120W Inverter

  • 12V DC Socket

  • AC Outlet: 1 @ 120V

  • USB Power Port

  • Digital Tuner

  • Angle Adjustable DC Plug

  • Compact and Lightweight

  • Neutral Colors

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