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100 watt Inverter with 2.1A USB, DC Socket and 120V AC outlet!

Smart AC® 100 USB+
Wagan Tech’s Smart AC 100 USB+ is the perfect solution to your on-the-road power needs! Easily converting DC (vehicle cigarette lighter receptacle) power into AC (home wall outlet) power, the Smart AC 100 USB+ is a simple “plug and play” device with no confusing cords, buttons, switches, etc. With the addition of the DC Socket and USB Power port, you can power your AC and USB devices without losing one of your vehicle's DC sockets!

The Smart AC 100 USB+ has a lot going in such a small package. Internal fan cooled, 2.1A USB Power Port, Standard 110-120V AC 3-prong outlet, DC Socket, and a CGL (Cool Green Light) round out the Smart AC 100 USB+’s power portfolio. With a solid and resilient plastic casing and strong negative spring pins, you can rest assured that the Smart AC 100 USB+ will be there when you need it! 

What it Does
At this point, you may be asking yourself what the Smart AC 100 USB+ does exactly. To simplify the answer, the Smart AC 100 USB+ can power any device (charge, run) up to 90 Watts continuously. This includes most laptops, smartphones, Lighting, GPS, Digital Video recorders, DVD Players, Netbook, Radios, small TV, and small audio equipment to name a few. With the DC Socket, you can still utilize a DC powered device while the 2.1A USB Power Port allows you to charge your USB devices simultaneously. 

Quick List of Features

  • 90 Watts Continuous Power
  • Surge: 200 Watt
  • AC Outlet: 1 @ 120V
  • USB power port: 2.1A
  • Safety Protections
  • Compact
  • DC Input: 12V
  • Plug and Play

Is this the Right Inverter for You?
If you are having trouble deciding which inverter is right for your power needs or are having trouble understanding the confusing inverter wording, check out our inverter blog to help get a better grasp on what it is that you are looking for!

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