Self-Charge Auto Jumper


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36 Years

Backup power for your car battery. Simply plug into your DC cigarette lighter socket—no waiting outside in the dark, cold, or wet weather.

This item has been discontinued. Please see our Jump starter and Power Supplies.

Self-Charge Auto Jumper

Self-Charge Auto Jumper

Wagan Tech’s Self-Charge Auto Jumper allows even the most novice person to be capable of jumpstarting their car without doing anything more than simply plugging in a DC plug into the Cigarette Lighter Receptacle. You do not need to open the hood or mess with jumper clamps, just plug in, wait, and then start your vehicle; it really is that simple!

The ease of use is by far the Self-Charge Auto Jumper’s strong suit. It allows you to do away with bulky booster cables and keep a handy, compact, and easy to use jumper unit within reach. You do not have to be a car mechanic to use the Self-Charge Auto Jumper, it is as simple as can be. Not only does the Self-Charge Auto Jumper jump start cars, it can be used as a power pack to charge and operate electronic devices. Additionally, its robust and heavy duty construction ensures years of reliable service. With the addition of the optional AC adapter (sold separately), you can recharge the Self-Charge Auto Jumper in the car's DC socket or at home with your AC (wall) outlet.

Use as an External Battery Pack
With the addition of the DC socket on the side of the Self-Charge Auto Jumper, you can also use it as a way to charge or power your devices when no outlets are nearby. Simply plug in your DC cord into the receptacle and 1500mAh of power are at your command. 19.8 Watts are available with the built in Sub-C NiCad battery with an output of 13.2V DC. This is perfect for camping, hiking, tailgating, or anywhere that is without easily accessible power.

How to Use
Do you like simplicity? Good, because the Self-Charge Auto Jumper is simplicity at its best. To jump start a vehicle, simply plug the device into the vehicle’s DC socket (Cigarette lighter plug), turn the Self-Charge Auto Jumper’s power switch to the “on” position, wait for around 10 minutes, un-plug the Self-Charge Auto Jumper, and then start the vehicle*. Simple, Clean, and convenient is what Wagan and the Self-Charge Auto Jumper provide you. Self-Charge Auto Jumper

No Mess, No Fuss
Batteries can be dangerous and are often seeping acid; this creates a health hazard and a potential safety risk. You can easily avoid this by utilizing Wagan’s Self-Charge Auto Jumper. No mess or fuss is involved with it, simply plug it in, wait, and then start the once dead vehicle. There is no spark, no acid, and no bulky jumper clamps to have to wrestle with.

Safety for Loved Ones
With the Self-Charge Auto Jumper, you can be certain that your loved ones will not have to be stuck in a parking lot late at night with a car that won’t start. This situation leaves them to rely on the help of others to get their vehicle running. If they had a Wagan Tech Self-Charge Auto Jumper, they would be able to stay in the safety of the vehicle interior and start the vehicle on their own*.

For Everyone
The Self-Charge Auto Jumper is a device that is truly for everyone. It is a trusted Jumper starter for anyone that is looking for reliability and simplicity in one simple device. It is perfect for first time drivers and all the way up to elderly motorists. The Self-Charge Auto Jumper allows anyone to jump start a vehicle without any knowledge of how to do it and is an all in one device with no parts to lose. When not being used to jump start a car, it is easy to take the Self-Charge Auto Jumper with you as a power supply!

Other Uses
Now you know that the Self-Charge Auto Jumper can jump start a car, power external devices via its DC receptacle, but did you know that there is another benefit of the Self-Charge Auto Jumper? You can plug the Self-Charge Auto Jumper into the vehicle’s DC socket when changing the vehicle’s battery so that you will not lose your preset radio channels, clock settings, car alarm, or the car’s Computer system memory! The Self-Charge Auto Jumper truly is an indispensable vehicle tool that you and your loved ones should not be without.

Quick List of Features

  • Automotive jump starter

  • Clean: No mess, no fuss

  • Compact, easy to use

  • Instructions printed on device

  • DC power socket built-in to unit

  • Simple to use, efficient

  • Back-up battery supply

  • Stops car electronics from clearing memory

Porsche® "Dead Battery-Hood Won't Open" Problem Solver
For Porsche Carrera, 911/996/997, Boxster, Cayenne, and other models ranging from 1997-2004 there is an inherent design flaw where the electric hood will not open when the battery is dead. To combat this issue, it is recommended to remove the front left wheel to access the emergency hood latch. Really, remove the front wheel?! We have a better, simpler, cleaner, and easier solution: Simply plug in the Self-Charge Auto Jumper into the DC accessory socket of your vehicle, turn on, and wait. No messing with tools, removing tires, getting dirty, or anything difficult; just plug in and wait!

*No device can revive a fully discharged or damaged battery.

Porsche® its logos and trademarks are registered to Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG ("PAG") and has no endorsement of or affiliation with Wagan Corporation.