ProLine™ 5,000 Watt (MSW)


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Be free from the unreliable and high cost of utility lines or the noise and pollution of gas generators.

ProLine 5,000 Watt
When you need power, Wagan Tech’s ProLine series of Inverters delivers. Built with a rugged case, heavy duty hardware, and user convenience in mind, the ProLine series consistently meets the demands of your off-grid power requirements from boat, truck, car, or house; Wagan Tech has an Inverter that fits your needs.

Product Features
With 5,000 watts of power, four AC outlets, remote on/off switch, High Output Terminal Block, and a LED display, you’d think that this is all that you need from the ProLine 5,000 Watt Power Inverter; but it has much more to offer you! 10,000 watts of peak surge power, Automatic over-load, over-heat, short-circuit, and high-voltage protections, the ProLine 5,000 Watt Power Inverter delivers massive power, with added safety features, for an exceptional value.

Front Features
On the front side of the ProLine 5,000 Watt Power Inverter, you will find four standard US 3-prong 110-120V AC outlets, a power switch (On > Off) with voltage and amperage LED indicators, Power remote jack, and the high output terminals.

Rear Features
On the back side of the ProLine 5,000 Watt Power Inverter, you will find the two sets of DC terminals for powering the ProLine 5,000 Watt Power Inverter: two positive (red) terminal and two negative (black) terminal, the ground terminal, and one large high-speed thermal cooling fan. The fan is an essential part of the inverter as they are tasked with keeping the internal temperature cool to ensure a long service life and to maintain a high output efficiency of the inverter.

In your vehicle, boat, motorcycle, RV, truck, Camper, tail-gating, camping, kid’s soccer games, or anywhere you need to turn DC (battery) power into AC (household) power is where the ProLine 5,000 Watt Power Inverter will shine! 5000 watts means that you can run your appliance without worry of the ProLine 5,000 Watt Power Inverter letting you down like lesser inverters. Blender, TV, gaming systems, refrigerator, microwave, computer, cooking appliances, and other household electronics are all able to be powered!*


The Right Output for your Needs 

Finding an Inverter that can satisfy your power needs may seem like a daunting task, but it really isn’t. Take a look at this basic chart to see what the requirements of an appliance is, and compare it to the Inverter we suggest you use to power that appliance (the appliances listed are estimated averages, please consult your appliance manufacturer for actual power requirements).

Wagan Tech builds our inverters with high peak surges that allow up to 3x the continuous rating to support high surging appliances such as tools, microwaves, air conditioners and refrigerators. Wagan Tech uses top quality components and reliable MOSFET transistors – the key factor in reliable inverter manufacturing.

Quick List of Features

    • 5,000 Watts

    • 10,000 Watt Peak Surge

    • LED Display

    • High output Terminal Block

    • Remote Power Switch

    • Four AC 120V (US 3-prong) Outlets

    • Power Switch

    • 2 Year Warranty

Is this the Right Inverter for You?
If you are having trouble deciding which inverter is right for your power needs or are having trouble understanding the confusing inverter wording, check out our inverter blog to help get a better grasp on what it is that you are looking for!

About Wagan Corporation
Headquartered in Hayward, CA, Wagan® is a leader in development and manufacturing high-tech products such as power inverters, portable power supplies, fitness equipment, solar power units and other consumer/mobile electronic accessories. Wagan Corporation strives to maintain high quality products while keeping the price reasonable; providing affordable power to people on-the-go. As a global supplier of automotive accessory products and lifestyle accessories, quality and customer satisfaction are always our top priorities.

*See manufacturer specifications for appliance power requirements