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Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 and Smart Charge technology charging in one compact unit!

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USB Power Hub Express USB Power Hub Express
Wagan Tech’s USB Power Hub Express is the pinnacle of modern technology and styling. The metallic gray exterior with a sporty racing red front panel tell of the powerful charging speeds that the USB Power Hub Express is capable of. With Qualcomm® Quick Charge 2.0 technology and 3 fast charging 2.4A USB Power Ports, the USB Power Hub Express will ensure that your devices are charged at the fastest and safest speeds available for your device.

Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0
Quick Charge 2.0 is the next generation of fast charging for mobile devices. With up to 75% faster charging, you’ll spend less time waiting for your device to charge and more time being productive. Quick Charge 2.0 identifies the exact power required by your device and charges at the fastest speed possible; up to 75% faster than standard chargers!
USB Power Hub Express

USB Power Hub Express Lightning Fast Charging Speeds
Quick Charge 2.0 is Connector Independent and works with most common connectors (USB type-A and type-C, and micro-USB to name a few). Quick Charge 2.0 has multiple levels of current limiting, voltage limiting, and temperature protection to ensure healthy battery lifecycles and safety for the user. While an average smartphone will charge at 5V which is usually less than 7.5W available for charging; in comparison, a Quick Charge 2.0 enabled phone can supply 24W over a micro-USB cable (Quick Charge 2.0 Class A). With Quick Charge 2.0 Class B, micro-USB can reach up to an astounding 36W!

Multiple Mounting Options
Included with the USB Power Hub Express are Velcro Mounting tape, DC power cord, and built-in mounting tabs for solid mounting. With a 3 foot power cord, the USB Power Hub Express is always within reach. The included Velcro mounting tape allows the USB Power Hub Express to be mounting in nearly any location, yet is easily removed when needed. Built-in mounting tabs stow flush into the case when not being used, and swing out for solid mounting of the USB Power Hub Express. The USB Power Hub Express adds power and convenience to your busy lifestyle!
USB Power Hub Express

USB Power Hub Express One Device to Power Your Life
We may seem like we are boasting about the features of the USB Power Hub Express, but it is with good reason; the USB Power Hub Express really can make your life more comfortable. When used on short trips, it can sufficiently charge your device faster than competitive products, leaving you with more useful battery charge in your electronic devices. Easily removed and transferred from one vehicle to another, the USB Power Hub Express is compact, user friendly, and extremely portable. With CBL Technology (Cool Blue Light!), Wagan Tech’s USB Power Hub Express is as cool as it is functional.

Additional Features
One of the most important and hidden features of the USB Power Hub Express is its internal Noise Suppression Shield. This shield helps to reduce stray RF signals that cause radio and instrument interference; an especially important feature when used in aircraft. A Power Switch on the rear of the device allows you to turn off the USB Power Hub Express when not in use. On the sides of the beautiful metallic gray shell are venting slots that aid in cooling, and removable power cord helps to add to the USB Power Hub Express’s portability.
USB Power Hub Express

Quick List of Features

  • DC Input: 12V/24V (12V-30V)

  • Power Switch

  • USB: 4 Ports – 48W Total

  • Deployable Mounting Tabs

  • Velcro Mounting Tape included

  • CBL (Cool Blue Light) Technology

  • Overload/Overheat Protections

  • Independent Port Protections

  • Noise Suppression Housing

  • Modern Timeless Styling

  • Lightweight

Quad USB Power Hub 6.8

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