Power Dome™ NX


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36 Years

9-in-1 Emergency companion. Supplies you with jumpstarter; air compressor; AC, DC, and USB power; radio; LED light; and more!

Power Dome™ NX
The Power Dome™ NX is a mighty unit in a small package. With so many features built in to this small device, this has become an essential item for anyone who travels along the roadways today. Jump Starter, Air Compressor, AC & DC outlets, USB power port, built-in inverter, and an AM/FM Radio with digital tuner, this device has it all!

Power Dome™ NX

Safety of Your Loved Ones
Don’t subject your loved ones to airing up their tires at a gas station, or leave them vulnerable on the roadside at night waiting for help. The Power Dome™ NX will allow them to service their own tires at a safe location of their choosing. Give the ones you love a valuable tool while allowing you to have peace of mind.

Designed for the User
Our Power Dome™ NX has been designed with the user’s safety and ease of use in mind. Beginning with the slim case, large handle and rubber texture, the case is designed to be easily handles and safely used by almost anyone. The safety red color of the Power Dome™ NX case is for high visibility and allow the user to locate it easily in the trunk of a car. The two function work light will help you change a flat tire at night, or can provide an extra level of safety to help you be seen by other motorists while in flash mode. Every part of the Power Dome™ NX is well thought out, and inset into the case so that no parts snag or hang off of the unit.

So Many Uses
No matter what you are in to: Soccer, Baseball, Camping, Hiking, Tail-gating, the Power Dome™ NX will be right there for you. The Power Dome™ NX has the ability to charge all of your devices, inflate your tires and pool toys, give you light at night time, and the ability to play your favorite tunes while doing all of your favorite activities.

Power Dome™ NX

Help is Here
With it you can arrive at your destination safely and have your trusted electronics charged and ready for use. Keep the Power Dome™ NX in your trunk and have confidence that you would be prepared for a roadside emergency. With the Power Dome™ NX you can inflate your own tires and jump start a weak or dead vehicle battery - that means never having to wait for a tow truck or flag down an unknown passerby.

Power Dome™ NX

Charging the Power Dome™ NX
The Power Dome™ NX is easily charged from many power sources. With the AC adapter, any wall outlet becomes a charging source. What about charging the Power Dome™ NX while camping? It’s easy with Wagan Tech's optional Solar ePanel 18W* (Sold separately) . If you are at the kid’s soccer game or only have a vehicle nearby, the DC adapter easily plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter socket**.

Power Dome™ NX

Quick List of Features

    • Battery Jump starter

Power Dome™ NX

  • Air Compressor and pressure gauge

  • Power inverter 200W

  • 12V DC power

  • USB power port

  • AM/FM radio

  • 3.5mm audio input

  • Worklight & Hazard flasher

  • Storage compartment

  • Voltmeter

  • AC and DC rechargeable

No power outlet nearby? Charge this device with our Solar e Panel 18w (sold separately)*

Approximate Battery Run Times

  • Tool Charger (15W): 8.8 Hours

  • Cell Phone Charger (20W): 6.4 Hours

  • Digital Camera (30W): 4.0 Hours

  • 13" Color TV (70W): 1.4 Hours

  • Laptop (90W): 1.0 Hours

  • Worklight (100W): 0.9 Hours

  • Coffee Pot (200W): 0.3 Hours

Run times are an approximate based on a fully charged new battery.

User Uploaded Review:

*When using the optional solar panel to charge Power Dome® or Battery Jumper units, you must unplug the panel immediately after charge has reached 100% in order to prevent over-charging of device.

**When plugged into a vehicle DC Socket, DO NOT charge for more than 12 hours AND be sure to monitor the vehicle battery as it may become depleted while charging the device.