Infra Heat Lumbar Extender


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36 Years

Our contoured cushion with infrared technology is designed to promote proper poster and blood circulation for muscle-penetrating comfort.

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Heat therapy has been used for decades to promote proper circulation, provide comfort, relieve tension and decrease stiffness. With the new infrared technology, warmth and muscle-penetrating comfort can be obtained at just the push of a button. With a simple, yet sophisticated design, this stylish cushion not only provides heat relief, its ergonomic design also provides lower back support to help improve posture.

2 Infrared Heat Lights

  • Allows heat to penetrate deeply into muscle tissues to relax and soothe

  • Soothing Infrared heating points focus on spots most prone to back tension

Lumbar Extender:

  • Relax by laying down on the lumbar extender and allowing your muscles to stretch with the contour of the cushion

Lumbar Support

  • Promotes proper posture to prevent lower back aches

  • Great for those sit long hours at office desk jobs or delivery/truck drivers

    (vehicle DC and home AC adapters included)