Hi-Speed Air Compressor


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36 Years

Inflate your car tires in minutes. This 12V compressor is also handy for inflating sports equipment. Pressure gauge and work light built in.

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Hi-Speed Air Compressor

Hi Speed, Great Design

Wagan Tech's Hi Speed Air Compressor really delivers in all aspects of its use and design. It offers a flow rate up to 35 liters per minute, has a max pressure of up to 100 PSI, compact, sleek and modern in design. The unit itself is visually appealing and has an enhanced rubberized texturing to aid in obtaining a solid grip. Both the air hose and the DC cord wrap nicely in grooves made to stow them on the Hi Speed Air Compressor.

For Your Loved Ones
The Compact size of the Quick Flow Compact Air Compressor allows you to keep one almost anywhere; in the trunk, glove box, center console, the Quick Flow Compact Air Compressor is ready to go when you need it. Don’t subject your loved ones to airing up their tires at a gas station, or leave them vulnerable on the roadside at night waiting for help. The Quick Flow Compact Air Compressor will allow them to service their own tires at a safe location of their choosing.

Hi-Speed Air Compressor

For Every Vehicle
No vehicle should be without a Hi Speed Air Compressor. This multi-functional unit can be used to fill tires on cars, bicycles, and wagons, but can also inflate pool toys, and sports equipment (such as soccer and basketballs). The Hi Speed Air Compressor only takes up a small space in the trunk or floor of your vehicle, but it offers big performance and peace of mind.

Hi-Speed Air Compressor

Quick List of Features

  • 100 PSI, gauge reads in BAR and PSI

  • Streamlined shape with ergonomic design.

  • High 35L/minute flow rate

  • Light with 4 bright, energy-saving LEDs

  • Strong, impact resistant rubber housing

  • 12V DC powered

  • High quality brass air nozzle

  • Lightweight

  • Rubber feet for vibration reduction

  • Includes manual and inflating accessories