EZ Grip Halogen Spotlight


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36 Years

140 Lumens bright and light weight—a great light for the young camper. Features two carrying handles with one doubling as a kickstand.

This item has been discontinued. A suitable replacement can be found here: Portable Lighting

EZ Grip Halogen Spotlight Everything You Need in a Spotlight
The EZ Grip Halogen Spotlight is your perfect lighting companion. A Bright 55 watt halogen bulb throws light where you need it, the adjustable folding stand keeps the light beam where you want it, and the handle converts from a standard light position to a pistol grip to make shining the light easier on you!

From Standard to Pistol Grip
With a press of the yellow button, the EZ Grip Halogen Spotlight's standard carry handle turns into a pistol grip. The pistol grip is more ergonomic when used for searching or scanning an area. Press the button once again and rotate the handle to return to the standard carrying position.
EZ Grip Halogen Spotlight

EZ Grip Halogen Spotlight Small Size, High Output
The bezel of the EZ Grip Halogen Spotlight is small at roughly 5.5" in diameter, but the 55 watt halogen bulb emits up to 140 lumens of light! Don't be fooled by the light's size, it shines brightly at far distances!

Compact Size
The size of the EZ Grip Halogen Spotlight allows it to be easily stored in small places. When not in use, the handle converts back to the standard carrying position and the stand folds nearly flush with the body of the light; keeping everything streamlined.
EZ Grip Halogen Spotlight

EZ Grip Halogen Spotlight Security
One great feature of the EZ Grip Halogen Spotlight is its compact and lightweight design; along with the bright 55 watt halogen bulb, the EZ Grip Halogen Spotlight makes a great deterrent when walking around your neighborhood at night.

Quick List of Features

  • Bright 140 Lumen/1,000,000 Candlepower Beam

  • Compact and Lightweight

  • AC and DC chargers included

  • Folding, adjustable Stand

  • Rugged Case, Yellow High-visibility Color

  • Great all-purpose spotlight

EZ Grip Halogen SpotlightEZ Grip Halogen Spotlight

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