Emergency Impact Wrench Kit


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No need to call for towing! DIY kit with 12V-powered wrench makes removing flat tires a simple task. Repairing tools for patching included.

Emergency Impact Wrench Kit

Mighty Impact Wrench

You are driving; suddenly the vehicle starts to handle oddly, sluggishly. Panicked, you pull over to the shoulder only to find out that the tire is flat. You have a spare tire, but how do you put it on? Remove the convenient Wagan Tech Emergency Impact Wrench Kit from your trunk (or under the seat), open it up, take out the contents and get to work! The Wagan Tech Emergency Impact Wrench Kit is going to help get you back on the road in a short amount of time.

Emergency Impact Wrench Kit

Wagan Tech's Emergency Impact Wrench Kit is a powerful and easy to use Impact wrench essentials kit that can easily wrestle lug nuts off. The case contains all of the necessary tools to remove lug nuts and get you back on the road: the Mighty Impact Wrench, spare 15a fuses, and two double sided sockets, ground tarp, gloves, tire plug kit, DC Socket/Flashlight, and even hand cleaner. The grip of the Mighty Impact Wrench has a rubberized texture to aid in firm handling of the wrench in less than ideal conditions.

With 271 ft-lbs of max torque, the Mighty Impact Wrench can manage to remove lug nuts off of most passenger vehicles, even those neglected models. With a no-load speed of up to 5000 rpm, the Mighty Impact Wrench has no trouble spinning off those loosened lug nuts and assisting you in putting them back on. Even if you are lacking in strength, the Mighty Impact Wrench has all of the muscle you need to get the job done!

Emergency Impact Wrench Kit

The shape of the Mighty Impact Wrench lends itself to ease of use by virtually anybody. The grip has a rubberized texture and is small enough to be gripped by the daintiest of hands, yet large enough to handle large handed individuals. The Mighty Impact Wrench is ergonomic in design and use, and the 3 position switch is intuitively placed. The body of the Mighty Impact Wrench is robust so it will serve you well for years.

Complete Essentials Kit
The Emergency Impact Wrench Kit Comes with a myriad of necessities carefully selected to make tire changes less frustrating and as convenient, clean, and easy for you as possible. The kit comes with The Mighty Impact Wrench, common Lug nut size Sockets, Gloves, Hand Cleaner, Tire repair kit, and even a tarp for you to work on and keep you clean.

Emergency Impact Wrench Kit

Emergency Impact Wrench Kit

Quick List of Features

  • 271 ft-lb of torque

  • 5000 rpm (no-load)

  • 11.4 foot power cord

  • Convenient Molded Carry Case

  • 2 Spare 15A fuses

  • 2 Sockets included (2-way sockets)

  • 3 position switch

  • Pair of Work Gloves

  • Tire repair kit

  • Rechargeable Mini LED flashlight

  • Molded Carrying/Storage Case