Elite™ 1500W


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36 Years

Clean electricity will allow you to power motors efficiently and operate dimmers and speed controls more accurately on appliances.

This item has been discontinued. A suitable replacement can be found here: Pure Line Inverters

The Wagan Tech® Pure Sine Elite 1500W Power Inverter converts 12V DC battery power into 120V AC power that is just like your household AC power—with pure sine wave! You can use the Wagan Elite 1500W inverter in your vehicle, home, or solar setups to operate your sensitive AC appliances such as HDTVs, Playstations, laptops, and other sensitive electronic appliances. Unlike AC output from modified sine wave inverters, lamp dimmers, electronic speed controls, and certain battery chargers will work properly.

The Wagan Elite 1500W Inverter provides 1,500W continuous power with 3,000W peak surge to start large motorized appliances. Built-in features include audible low battery alarm with automatic shutdown to help protect the battery system and internal fuse to protect against short circuit and reverse polarity. Digital status display with wireless remote control also included.