Companion HT 3.4


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2 USB Power Ports, AC and DC Charging in one pocket-sized folding unit.

Companion HT 3.4 Companion HT 3.4
With folding AC and DC charging adapters (Wall outlet and Vehicle Cigarette Lighter Socket), two USB Power Ports totaling 3.4A, the Companion HT 3.4 replaces two chargers in one compact and convenient device. Compatible with nearly all devices including iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Android, and others, the Companion HT 3.4 is an essential sidekick to your next adventure!

The Companion HT 3.4 has one 2.4A USB Power Port and a 1.0A Power Port that are capable of charging two USB powered devices at the same time whether you are in a car, bus, hotel, or at home. As its name implies, the Companion HT 3.4 (HT = Home and Travel) is an asset to you at Home or while Travelling! With a power LED on the front, folding DC and AC charging adapters, the Companion HT 3.4 is portable, compact, and multifunctional.
Companion HT 3.4

Traveler's Companion Duo How to Use
To use, simply unfold the corresponding plug (AC for the wall outlet or DC for the cigarette lighter socket) and plug the Companion HT 3.4 into the receptacle; an LED light will illuminate letting you know that it is receiving power. Next, plug in one end of your USB cable to the Companion HT 3.4 and the other end to the device that you want to charge. Charging will begin automatically, it’s that simple!

Safety First
We all want powerful devices, but first and foremost, we want them to be safe. We have families too, and Wagan Tech whole-heartedly believes in the safety aspect of our products. The Companion HT 3.4 includes: Over-Heat, Over-Load, and Short-circuit protections built-in and is UL, FCC, ETL, and RoHS certified compliant. Rest assured that your family is getting a device that is powerful and safe for them to use!
Traveler's Companion Duo

Traveler's Companion Duo

Quick List of Features

  • DC and AC Charging adapters in one unit

  • 3.4A Charging (2.4A and 1.0A port)

  • 2 USB Power Ports

  • UL, FCC, ETL, and RoHS certified

  • For Home & Travel

  • Modern Styling and Compact Design

  • Apple iPhone/iPad Compatible

  • Samsung Device Compatible

  • Android compatible

  • Dimensions LxWxH: 2.75 x 2.75 x 1.25 (inches)

  • Safety Protections

  • Fits in Your Pocket

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