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36 Years

5.8 Amps of USB power charges up to 2 tablets/e-readers and 1 smartphone or other mobile electronics!

This item has been discontinued, a suitable replacement is the Companion GO.

Companion GO 3 Companion GO 3
Wagan Tech’s Companion GO 3 offers something that everyone in our modern era needs: Power options! With the constant power needs of today’s high tech electronics (and low-tech ones too), the Companion GO 3 allows your vehicle’s DC socket to charge up to 3 USB powered devices with high speed.

The Companion GO 3 plugs firmly in to your vehicle’s DC socket (cigarette lighter receptacle) and has a 180 degree pivoting head to allow you to angle the Companion GO 3 where you need it.
Companion GO 3

Companion GO 3 Companion GO 3 Excels
The Companion GO 3 will fit nearly anywhere in a Boat, RV, Camper, Trailer, Car, Truck, SUV, etc. due to the pivoting head design. On each side of the Companion GO 3’s head, you’ll find a 2.4A USB power port and a single 1.0A USB power port located in the center (5.8A total!). On the face of the pivoting head, you will find a CBL (Cool Blue Light) power indicator that lets you know that the Companion GO 3 is receiving power which also creates a “soft-blue glow” at night.

Small and Safe
With its compact size, the Companion GO 3 easily fits in your pocket or glove box for storage. Included in the Companion GO 3, a replaceable 5 amp fuse ensures that your devices are protected from damaging voltage spikes.
Companion GO 3

Companion GO 3 What it does
The Companion GO 3 will charge cellphones, smartphones, GPS, Walkie Talkies, Bluetooth accessories, and nearly all other USB powered device. It will also power small USB powered devices such as battery chargers, fans, portable speakers, and lights

Quick List of Features

  • Two 2.4A USB Power Ports & One 1.0A USB Power Port

  • Charges/Powers nearly all USB devices

  • 180 degree rotating head

  • Compact Size

  • Fused Overload Protection

  • Blue LED Power indicator

Companion GO 3 Companion GO 3