Compact Traveler Battery Charger


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Charge your rechargeable AA and AAA batteries while on the go!

Compact Traveler Battery Charger
You have rechargeable batteries because they are cheaper, easier to deal with and don’t fill up our landfills like their alkaline counterparts. They’re great at home, but how do you charge them while on the road? You could buy an inverter, but why do that when Wagan Tech has the Compact Traveler Battery Charger that is specifically made to recharge your rechargeable AA and AAA batteries?!

AA and AAA Power
Rechargeable batteries are great, especially when used in devices that are power hogs. Flashlights, digital cameras, GPS, Walkie talkies, kids toys, handheld video games and their controllers, the list goes on and on. Your home charger works great when you’re at home, but what do you do when you’re in the car? Recharge your AA and AAA rechargeables with Wagan Tech’s Compact Traveler Battery Charger! Don’t miss that shot with your camera, don’t walk in the dark with a dead flashlight, recharge those batteries and keep those devices alive!

Simple and Effective
Weighing a mere 2.5 oz. and less than 6 inches long, the Compact Traveler Battery Charger is small, lightweight, and powerful. Easily stored in your glovebox when not in use, the Compact Traveler Battery Charger is ready to use out of the box. Simply put your rechargeable AA or AAA batteries (not included) in the Compact Traveler Battery Charger, plug in to your DC socket, and charging begins automatically. The charge status LED will turn red to indicate that charging is in progress and will turn green when charging is complete. With a built-in LED flashlight in the bottom and adjustable side contacts, the Compact Traveler Battery Charger is multi-functional and universal in its design.

Where to Use
You may think that the Compact Traveler Battery Charger can only be used in your car, truck, SUV, camper, trailer, or RV, but you can take it with you camping and attach it to your Power Dome™ power supply when camping, tailgating, or enjoying the outdoors! Always ensure that your AA and AAA rechargeable batteries are ready to go when you need them! A great addition to your emergency kit, when your household power goes out, recharge batteries in your car!

Quick List of Features

  • Fast Charging: 2.5 hours
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • LED battery status Indicator
  • LED Flashlight built-in (with On/Off switch)
  • Side contact lock (for Wide or Normal DC sockets)
  • AA Charge Time: (900mA/2100mAh) ~150 minutes
  • AAA Charge Time: (400mA/800mAh) ~150 minutes
  • Batteries not included