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Smart AC® 150 USB+
The Smart AC 150 USB+ is smartly designed and the most stylish inverter in our Flight Series of travel Inverters! A 120V AC outlet, 2.1A USB Power Port, DC power adapter, airline “EmPower” style connector, all in one extremely compact inverter! With the Smart AC 150 USB+, you can power your devices from the car and onto the airplane*! This is truly a multifunctional inverter!

The Smart AC 150 USB+ comes with the compact inverter unit, soft storage sleeve, and the power cord with detachable DC power adapter. The power cord is detachable from the inverter too. When plugged in, the Smart AC 150 USB+ enables the CBL Technology (Cool Blue Light!) to let you know that the device is powered on.

For use in aircraft*, detach the DC power adapter from the power cord to reveal the EmPower style aircraft power adapter. To use in a car, simply reattach the DC power adapter to the EmPower style connector and insert into the vehicle’s DC socket.

What it Does
Powering your devices has never been easier! Simply plug the Smart AC 150 USB+ into the EmPower style plug on the airplane* or plug the included DC power adapter into your vehicle’s DC Socket. Once the Smart AC 150 USB+ inverter is powered, plug in your AC powered device and you are ready to go! The Smart AC 150 USB+ can power: most laptops, smartphones, Lighting, GPS, Digital Video recorders, DVD Players, Netbook, Radios, small TV, handheld video games, and small audio equipment to name a few. With its onboard 2.1A USB Power Port, the Smart AC 150 USB+ can power your USB devices too!

TrueRated Power™

TrueRated Power is Wagan Tech’s coined term for truth in advertising and performance. While actual output wattage of competitor’s inverters varies greatly, Wagan Tech inverters help consumers to understand and trust that the number printed on the inverter is the actual output of the device.

Nearly all of Wagan Tech’s Inverters feature TrueRated Power. Simply put, our inverters are tested at full load and will sustain that continuous load for 24 hours.

For example, our Elite 400 Watt Pro Inverter will run for 24 hours straight with a 400 Watt load. Our competitors claim “continuous wattage” when in fact most are only rated at 20 minutes of “continuous” wattage. After 20 minutes, the competitor’s output wattage will drop down by as much as 25% of their claimed wattage (in a 400 watt inverter, that can be a 100 watt loss!).

Wagan Tech builds our inverters with high peak surges that allow up to 3x the continuous rating to support high surging appliances such as tools, microwaves, air conditioners and refrigerators. Wagan Tech uses top quality components and reliable MOSFET transistors – the key factor in reliable inverter manufacturing.

Quick List of Features

  • 150 Watts Continuous TrueRated Power
  • Surge: 300 Watts
  • AC Outlet: 120V
  • USB power port: 2.1A
  • Safety Protections
  • Extremely Compact
  • DC Input: 12V
  • Plug and Play
  • Adapter and Soft storage sleeve included


*Not all airplanes support EmPower type aircraft power adapters, please check with your carrier.