iOnBoost™ V8+

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The ultra-compact lithium jump starter, power bank, and LED light.

iOnBoost V8+
The iOnBoost™ V8+ is an ultra-compact lithium battery power bank that can jump start up to V10 trucks and RVs! Charges laptops, tablets, USB devices, and smartphones too! With its small size, built-in safeties, and included accessories, the iOnBoost V8+ is ready to deliver power when it’s needed.

Safety First
Our entire iOnBoost line has undergone extensive safety testing and has several safety features built-in to ensure your safety and the safety of your loved ones. Over-charge, Over-Voltage, reverse polarity, and anti-sparking (short circuit) protections are all built in to the iOnBoost V8+ to make sure that you are able to use the device safely even if you are not an auto mechanic. Simplicity in use is how we have designed the iOnBoost V8+ so that it may be used by the most inexperienced user. Our iOnBoost line and their batteries go through rigorous testing at the factory to ensure that they are safe to use, our competitors cannot make the same statement.

iOnBoost V8 vs. iOnBoost V8+
The original iOnBoost V8 is a spectacular device. How do you make something that is already great even better? We took the original iOnBoost V8, increased the battery from 47.4Wh to 55.5Wh, added an additional USB power port (now there’s two), split the laptop charging port into two separate power ports (one 12V, the other 19V), and made the new iOnBoost V8+ simpler by eliminating a button (only one button controls everything)! The size, shape, and form have all basically remained the same, it’s the small upgrades that make a huge difference.

Small Size – Big Power
The iOnBoost V8+ can fit in your hand, in your glove box, under the seat, in the trunk, in your briefcase or in your backpack and yet can power your laptop or jump start your car! The old idea that a “small device cannot be powerful” is just that: an old idea. This compact device has the power of a small car battery, yet only takes the space of a 20 oz. cup of coffee and can jump start a V10 engine! Put one in each of your loved ones vehicles to be sure that they have the power they need when they need it most!

Safety and Security for Loved Ones
Don’t leave your loved ones vulnerable in a dark parking lot at night waiting for help. With the iOnBoost V8+, they can arrive at their destination safely and have their trusted electronics charged and ready for use. Keep the iOnBoost V8+ in your trunk and have confidence that you will be prepared for a roadside emergency. With the iOnBoost V8+, you can jump start a weak or dead* vehicle battery - that means never having to wait for a tow truck or flag down a stranger for a jump start.

By now you can see why the iOnBoost V8+ is so great, and you may be asking yourself why you need one. The answer is actually very simple; it’s because you have a vehicle and electronic devices. Any person who drives a vehicle and/or has electronic devices needs an iOnBoost V8+. You’ll never again experience a vehicle that won’t start from a dead battery*or have a dead cell phone/tablet/laptop! Need power to charge your devices at the kid’s soccer or football game? The iOnBoost V8+ can easily handle the task! With the small size and portability of the iOnBoost V8+, you can take it with you almost anywhere!

Included in the Kit
The iOnBoost V8+ comes in a high visibility red zippered storage case that easily contains all of the iOnBoost V8+ accessories. You get the iOnBoost V8+ unit, Jumper Cables with built-in safety module (Smart Cables), DC charging adapter, AC charging Adapter, and Laptop charging jack with 8 adapter tips.

The iOnBoost V8+ has a built-in battery charge indicator with CBL Technology (Cool Blue Lights) and a bright multi-function LED light on the side of the device. The LED has three flash modes that enable you to use it for whatever need arises; Solid, S.O.S., and strobe functions. We have put together this all-inclusive kit to make life more convenient and comfortable for you and your loved ones.

Quick List of Features

  • Powerful 55.5Wh Li-ion Battery
  • Battery Power Bank
  • 2 USB Power Ports
  • Jumpstarts up to V10 engines
  • Smart Jumper Cables
  • 2 DC Power Ports
  • Bright 3-mode LED Light
  • All Inclusive Kit


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*No Jump starter or battery booster can revive a completely discharged, damaged, corroded, sulfated, or dead battery


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