600 Amp Battery Jumper


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Safely and easily jumpstart your car or inflate your tire. Instant roadside assistance anywhere! Features 30-LED light and USB power ports.
This item has been replaced by the JumpBoost V6 Air

600 Amp Battery Jumper

600 Amp Battery Jumper
The 600 Amp Battery Jumper represents power in a small package that is also affordable. It offers a no nonsense plethora of capabilities that are both practical and powerful. With the built in 30 LED worklight, two USB power ports, 12V DC socket, Booster cables, and air compressor, you’ll be able to take on whatever the road or life throws at you. 600 Amp Battery Jumper

Quick-Flow Air Compressor
One of the 600 Amp Battery Jumper’s strong suits is its high powered Air Compressor. With its high flow rate and heavy duty hose that store neatly in its own compartment, it can fill a 16” tire in less than 10 minutes. It has the ability to reach a peak pressure of 260 PSI, way more than the requirement for any light vehicle or passenger car tire! What does this all mean for you? It means that you have a high performance air compressor that can inflate anything you need it to in a short amount of time.

Help is Already Here
With Wagan Tech’s 600 Amp Battery Jumper, you can arrive at your destination safely and have your trusted electronics charged and ready for use. Keep the 600 Amp Battery Jumper in your trunk and have confidence that you will be prepared for a roadside emergency. With the 600 Amp Battery Jumper, you can inflate your own tires and jump start a weak or dead vehicle battery** - that means never having to wait for a tow truck or flag down an unknown passerby.

600 Amp Battery Jumper

Convenience Where You Are
Are you a road-warrior, outdoor enthusiast, going somewhere without accessible power, or someone looking for a reliable back-up power supply? If so, the 600 Amp Battery Jumper is likely the right choice for you. Off the back of a car, in the campsite, at the tailgate party, or on the soccer field, the 600 Amp Battery Jumper makes your life easier and more convenient by giving you power where you need it most.

Charging the 600 Amp Battery Jumper
Wagan Tech’s 600 Amp Battery Jumper comes with both AC (wall) charging adapter and a DC (Cigarette lighter receptacle) charging adapter. But, did you know that the 600 Amp Battery Jumper can be charged with a solar panel too? No power outlet nearby? For true off-the-grid use, charge the 600 Amp Battery Jumper with our Solar e Panel 18w (sold separately)*

600 Amp Battery Jumper

600 Amp Battery Jumper

Quick List of Features

  • 600 Peak amps

  • 12V 15ah Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Battery

  • High Powered Air Compressor: 260 (Max)

  • Two 5V, 2.1A USB Ports

  • One 12V DC power port

  • 30 LED worklight

  • Heavy Duty Booster Cables, 28” Long

  • Safeties to prevent sparking

Approximate Battery Run Times

  • Tool Charger (15W): 9.5 Hours

  • Cell Phone Charger (20W): 6.9 Hours

  • Digital Camera (30W): 4.3 Hours

  • 13" Color TV (70W): 1.5 Hours

  • Laptop (90W): 1.1 Hours

  • Worklight (100W): 0.9 Hours

  • Coffee Pot (200W): 0.3 Hours

Run times are an approximate based on a fully charged new battery.

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*When using the optional solar panel to charge Power Dome® or Battery Jumper units, you must unplug the panel immediately after charge has reached 100% in order to prevent over-charging of device.

**No device can revive a fully discharged or damaged battery.