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36 Years

This device allows you to split one DC outlet into three DC outlets and also includes a vehicle battery indicator light.

This item has been discontinued. A suitable replacement item is the 4-way Socket Output.

3-Way Socket Output 3-Way Socket Output
Make fighting for the cigarette lighter socket a thing of the past with Wagan Tech’s 3-Way Socket Output. The 3-Way Socket Output will allow you to take your existing single cigarette lighter socket and turn it into 3 sockets; allowing everyone access to power. Never fight for the socket again with Wagan Tech’s 3-Way Socket Output!

Robust Design and Feature Packed
When you hold the 3-Way Socket Output, you’ll notice the robust feel of it. It is not heavy, but solidly built; this ensures years of reliable daily use.
There are 4 LED vehicle battery status (Battery Analysis) lights and 3 green glow rings around each of the 3 accessory power sockets. In addition to the 39” power cord are the retractable mounting tabs that are smartly built-in to the 3-Way Socket Output.
3-Way Socket Output

3-Way Socket Output Easy Mounting Options
The 3-Way Socket Output comes with two mounting options. Integrated into the case of the 3-Way Socket Output are two swing-out mounting tabs. When not in use, the tabs fit flush into the case; but swing-out to allow you to semi-permanently mount the 3-Way Socket Output with the included screws. Under the dash, alongside the center console, upside down, facing up, the options are endless with the mounting tabs. Also included in the kit is double sided mounting tape. The tape allows you to mount the 4-Way Socket Output anywhere you need it.

2 plus 1
The 3-Way Socket Output has 3 output Receptacles (sockets) in total; 2 which are standard DC receptacles, and one that is specifically for a cigarette lighter. Even though the third receptacle is built for a cigarette lighter, it can still be used as a normal DC receptacle when needed.
3-Way Socket Output

3-Way Socket Output Specifications
The 39 inch cord with a 10A Fused DC plug makes it easy to share the power. Wagan Tech makes your life easier and more convenient by maximizing your vehicle’s interior space, maximizing the power capability, all while minimizing the amount of clutter within your vehicle.

Battery Analysis/Charging System Feature
When plugged into the DC power outlet of your vehicle, the 3-Way Socket Output automatically reads the input power and displays your vehicle's Battery/Charging System status on its LED display.

Battery Check
(Check with Engine off for 10 minutes)
Plug 3-Way Socket Output into Vehicle's DC Power Port, then look at LEDs illuminated on front of 3-Way Socket Output.

  • High: Battery is Great

  • Mid: Battery is Good

  • 12V: Battery is Weak

  • Low: Battery is fullyy Discharged

  • No Lights: No Voltage Detected

3-Way Socket Output
Charging System Check
(Check with Engine running at Operating Temperature)
Plug 3-Way Socket Output into Vehicle's DC Power Port, then look at LEDs illuminated on front of 3-Way Socket Output.

  • High: Charging System Great

  • Mid: Charging System Good

  • 12V: Charging System possibly abnormal

  • Low: Charging System possibly abnormal

  • No Lights: No Voltage Detected

3-Way Socket Output Quick List of Features

  • 10A Max Fused Protection

  • Turns 1 DC Socket into 3

  • 39” Cord

  • Robust Design

  • Mounting Hardware Included

  • Lighted receptacles

  • Battery Analysis via LED Lights

  • Retractable Mounting Tabs

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