3-in-1 Electric Jack, Impact Wrench & Air Compressor Kit


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3-in-1 Jack, Wrench, and Compressor Kit
Our 3-in-1 Electric Jack, Impact Wrench & Air Compressor Kit gives you everything you need to change a tire without having to manually raise your vehicle or leverage those lug nuts off of the wheel. Electric Jack, Electric Impact Wrench, and Air Compressor are all included in this amazing kit. With the 3-in-1 Electric Jack, Impact Wrench & Air Compressor Kit, you are the roadside emergency mechanic!

The Electric Jack
At the heart of the system is the Electric Jack. This single unit includes the jack, air compressor, flashlight, yellow flashing safety lights and air compressor accessory storage all built in!

The Electric Impact Wrench
Like the Kit, we designed this wrench to be easy to use. Simply attach the correct socket to the end, connect the power cord, and depress the switch for loosening or tightening; the built in LED will help you to get the job done fast at night.

The Air Compressor
Capable of providing up to 10 Bar (150 PSI), this air compressor will inflate most car, bicycle and truck tires. With the included inflator accessories (located in the storage compartment), you’ll be able to inflate most pool toys and sports balls too.

The Kit Accessories
When we said that this gave you everything you need, we weren’t kidding. We’ve also included a pair of gloves to protect your hands, an emergency safety hammer that cuts seat belts and breaks window glass in an emergency, a 3.5 meter (11.5 foot) power cable, a 12V DC socket with alligator clamps (for connecting directly to the battery if needed), two dual-sided sockets, and extra fuses that are all nicely fit into the heavy-duty blow molded case.


  • Electric Jack and Air Compressor
  • Electric Impact Wrench
  • 2 Dual-sided Sockets (17mm, 19mm, 21mm, 23mm)
  • Emergency combo Tool (Seat-belt cutter, Glass Breaker)
  • Power Cable (3.5m/11.5 feet)
  • 12V DC Socket with alligator clamps
  • Air Compressor Inflation Accessories
  • Extra Fuses
  • Instruction Manual
  • Work Gloves
  • Custom Fit Blow-Molded Case