18M Brite-Nite™ Mega Spotlight


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36 Years

Our largest spotlight outputs up to 1450 Lumens! It also has an adjustable stand with locking mechanism for positioning at any angle.

This item has been discontinued. A suitable replacement can be found here: Portable Lighting

18M Brite-Nite™ Mega Spotlight
There is nothing that can hide from the illuminating power of Wagan Tech’s 18M Brite-Nite Mega Spotlight. Turn the darkness of night into day! With a High and Low beam mode, the 18M Brite-Nite Mega Spotlight is ready to put light where it is needed, perfect for: Boating, Camping, Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, Land Owners, Land Managers, or people that need to illuminate long distances!

Detailed Specifications
The 18M Brite-Nite Mega Spotlight produces 120 watts on the High setting and 50 watts on the Low setting. 50 watts may seem low, but consider this; most standard H4 halogen automobile headlights are only 55 watts on low and 100 watts on High! The 18M Brite-Nite Mega Spotlight offers more light than a standard automobile does, yet fits in your hand and only weights 9.7lbs.!
The bright yellow plastic casing keeps the weight of the 18M Brite-Nite Mega Spotlight manageable while making it easily identified in the dark. At the rear of the spotlight are 4 LEDs with a red cap that act as an emergency beacon; perfect for alerting other motorists when working on the side of the road or notifying other boaters at night.

Easy to Handle
With a built in handle on the top, an included adjustable carrying strap, and an adjustable locking stand at the base, the 18M Brite-Nite Mega Spotlight is easily placed or carried where it is needed and can be set down to illuminate an area; leaving your hands free to complete your task.



Both AC (wall outlet) and DC (vehicle cigarette lighter receptacle) charging adapters are included. No need to replace clunky (and heavy!) D-cell batteries with the 18M Brite-Nite Mega Spotlight, it has an internal 12 volt/7 ah rechargeable battery built-in to it! With the charging lights on the side of the spotlight, you’ll never question the battery charge status of the 18M Brite-Nite Mega Spotlight!

For You
With a blinding 18 Million candlepower beam on the High (120W) setting, the 18M Brite-Nite Mega Spotlight produces retina searing light that can be seen for miles (Never look directly into the light or shine it into anyone’s eyes!). This is great for Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement, Boaters, Campers, or anyone looking for an extremely bright spotlight! On the Low setting (50W), the 18M Brite-Nite Mega Spotlight can be used for roadside repairs, around the house, or anywhere that a standard amount of light is needed.


Quick List of Features

    • Extremely Bright Light

    • High and Low Beam modes

    • Carry strap included

    • AC and DC charging Adapters included

    • Lightweight

    • Adjustable Locking stand

    • 4 LED emergency Beacon

    • Rechargeable