12V/24V Multi-Function Jump Starter


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36 Years

12V/24V Multi-Function Jump Starter features an ultra-compact lithium battery with built-in safeties. Charges laptop, tablet, and smartphones!

This item has been discontinued. Please see our: iOnBoost™ V10


12V/24V Multi-Function Jump Starter
The 12V/24V Multi-Function Jump Starter features an ultra-compact lithium battery with: 12V and 24V Jumpstarter, 2 USB Power Ports (2.1A & 1.0A), 12V DC Accessory Power Socket, 3 Mode LED Flood light, 3 Mode LED Flashlight, and built-in safeties. Jumpstarts passenger vehicles, Work Vehicles, tractors, and heavy equipment alike; will charge laptops, tablets, and smartphones too!

Tested on everything from small 4 cylinder passenger vehicles all the way up to 24V Heavy Equipment such as Front Loaders and Excavators, the 12V/24V Multi-Function Jump Starter can do them all with ease.


To Use, simply plug in the appropriate jumper cables (12V cables for a 12V system; 24V cables for a 24V system), turn the 12V/24V Multi-Function Jump Starter’s OFF/ON switch to the “ON” position, attach the cables to the corresponding terminal (red positive cable to red positive battery terminal and black negative cable to black negative battery terminal), ensure that the 12V/24V Multi-Function Jump Starter is securely placed so that it will not fall into the engine compartment, and then start the vehicle. It is that easy!
12V/24V Multi-Function Jump Starter

Wagan 12V & 24V Jump Starter Front LED Lighting
The 12V/24V Multi-Function Jump Starter has two separate LED lights on board: an LED Flood light and a LED Flashlight each having 3 modes.
The LED Flashlight features a standard front-facing handheld flashlight design and is best suited to “throw” the beam to see objects at a distance. The 3 Modes available are: Steady > Strobe > S.O.S.


The LED Flood light is deployed by opening the LED panel on the side and offers up to a 180 degree range. 3 Modes available are: Steady White Light > Alternating White/Red Fast Flashing Light > Alternating White/Red Slow Flashing Light .

Approximate Battery Run Times

    • Tool Charger (15W): 6.6 Hours

    • Cell Phone Charger (20W): 4.9 Hours

    • Digital Camera (30W): 3.3 Hours

    • 13" Color TV (70W): 1.4 Hours

    • Laptop (90W): 1.1 Hours

    • Worklight (100W): 0.9 Hours

    • Coffee Pot (200W): 0.4 Hours

Run times are an approximate based on a fully charged new battery.

USB and DC Power Receptacles
Integrated into the already versatile 12V/24V Multi-Function Jump Starter are two USB Power Ports and a DC Accessory Power Socket.
The USB Power Ports are 5V and provide power for nearly all of your devices. One Power port is 1.0A and the other is 2.1A; capable of powering and charging your GPS, Wearable, Smart Phone, Tablet, Cellphone, Smart watch, Lights, and other USB powered devices.
12V/24V Multi-Function Jump Starter
12V/24V Multi-Function Jump Starter Quick List of Features

    • 12V and 24V Jumpstarter

    • 3 Mode LED Flood light

    • 3 Mode LED Flashlight

    • 12V DC Accessory Power Socket

    • 2 USB Power Ports (2.1A & 1.0A)

    • Built-in Safeties

    • 5 LED Battery Status Indicator

    • Lightweight & Compact



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